What is Overdetermination Althusser?

What is Overdetermination Althusser?

Althusser and structuralist Marxism More precisely, the overdetermination of a contradiction is the reflection in it of its conditions of existence within the complex whole, that is, of the other contradictions in the complex whole, in other words its uneven development.”

How does Althusser define infrastructure and superstructure?

LOUIS ALTHUSSER complicates Marx’s understanding of the relation between base and superstructure by adding his concept of “ideological state apparatuses.” Marx distinguished among various “levels” in a society: the infrastructure or economic base and the superstructure, which includes political and legal institutions ( …

What is causal overdetermination?

Abstract: Causal overdetermination worries arise in a number of domains, but most notably in the philosophy of mind. Such overdetermination occurs when there are two or more (minimally) sufficient and distinct causes for the same effect.

What does overdetermination mean in psychology?

n. in psychoanalytic theory, the concept that several unconscious factors may combine to produce one symptom, disorder, or aspect of behavior.

What is meant by infrastructure and superstructure?

The difference between the two is that the infrastructure forms the base or foundation of business activity, while the superstructure forms the facilities and operational procedures of business activity.

What is meant by infrastructure and superstructure in sociology?

Marx refers to this as the infrastructure of society. On top of this production of the material base (infrastructure, basis) of existence, there exists an Überbau – a superstructure – an organization and ideology, that reflects over the infrastructure and legitimates the power relations that obtain in relation to it.

What does Freud mean by Overdetermination?

Overdetermination, the idea that a single observed effect is determined by multiple causes at once (any one of which alone might be enough to account for the effect), was originally a key concept of Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalysis.