What is polar balance?

What is polar balance?

Polar Balance is a part of the Polar Flow web service. Set a weight target, and receive a daily activity goal and advice on how many calories less you need to consume per day to help reach your target. Get guidance to balance your activity and nutrition as well as follow your weight trend and see your BMI online.

Does polar make a scale?

Track your weight with the Polar Balance connected smart scale. Designed to help people track their weight to make weight management easy, the scales stores your weight and sends this data to the free Flow app.

What scales work with polar?

The Polar Balance scale is compatible with the following Polar devices with the activity tracking feature:

  • Polar Loop 2.
  • Polar Loop Crystal.
  • Polar V800.
  • Polar M200.
  • Polar M400.
  • Polar M430.
  • Polar A300.
  • Polar A360.

Does Garmin have a scale?

Whether you’re an athlete in training or just trying to maintain a healthy weight, Garmin Index smart scale provides the metrics you need to track progress and see results. It measures weight (lbs, kg, st), body mass index (BMI), body fat/water percentage, bone mass and skeletal muscle mass.

How do you add polar balance to polar flow?

The latest Android and iOS version of the Polar Flow application includes an option in the left menu for Balance. Tapping this option brings up the Polar Balance display. Along the top you will find your weight target, weight change since you setup your weight target, and how much time is left to achieve your goal.

Are any smart scales accurate?

A 2013 study notes that digital scales are more accurate than traditional dial scales. They may also have a clinical use — one 2016 study indicates that home smart scale measurements are comparable with in-person weight measurements performed by trained assessment staff.

Is the Garmin scale worth it?

The Garmin Index S2 is a superb smart scale, particularly for athletes with long-terms fitness goals in mind. If you already own a Garmin device then the ability to see your activity stats alongside your weight and body composition is a real benefit.

How accurate is the Garmin weight scale?

It measures 1.2 by 13.8 by 12.2 inches (HWD), and runs on four AA batteries (included), which should last about eight or nine months. It can handle weight up to 400 pounds, and is accurate to 0.1-pound. Using a toggle on the underside of the scale, you can easily change between pounds, kilograms, and stones.