What is RNS stock?

What is RNS stock?

The Regulatory News Service (RNS) is the London Stock Exchange’s news feed. It provides announcements throughout the day from 07:00 until 18:30. All price-sensitive information goes through the RNS including company results, trading updates and contract wins, directorate changes, equity placings, and more.

What are RNS releases?

What does the RNS do? The RNS publishes company results, share issues and any changes in a company’s board of directors. These are all things which could affect a company’s share price and performance on the stock market.

How do I get rn alerts?

Yes. Having logged into your account, select ‘Account settings’ followed by the ‘Email preferences and share alerts’ button and search for the stock by EPIC or name. Next, click the blue bell icon to the right of its name.

Is FTSE quoted in pence?

UK Share Prices Are in Pence, not Dollars.

What is an RNS customer?

An RNS Customer is a recipient of the Information who meets all of the conditions set out below, the recipient: does not distribute, republish or otherwise provide any Information or derived works to any third party in any manner or use or process Information or derived works for any commercial purpose.

What is an RNS alert?

RNS Alerts is a simple to use app that lets you enter stock market tickers and whenever news is announced from one of your companies, a real-time notification is sent to your phone with a link to the RNS.

What is RNS notification?

How do you get a stock price alert?

You can also get price trigger alerts via text message or email. Visit the Alerts page on the News & Research tab on to add a phone number to your account in order to receive alerts as a text message. You can also set alerts on, where it may be easier to set alerts on multiple securities.

Are share prices shown in cents?

Shares are always priced in cents in the share pages. If the price of the stock increases this will be indicated by a plus sign before the figure and conversely a minus sign signifies a downward movement in price.

How is FTSE calculated?

It is calculated in real time and published every second when the market is open. The FTSE 100 broadly consists of the largest 100 qualifying UK companies by full market value. The total market value of a company is calculated by multiplying the share price of the company by the total number of shares they have issued.

What is RNS short for?


Acronym Definition
RNS Registered Nurse Specialist (various locations)
RNS Religion News Service (Washington, DC)
RNS Regulatory News Service (UK stock market)
RNS Rothesay Netherwood School (Canada)