What is rotation C in survival Warframe?

What is rotation C in survival Warframe?

Rotation A: 5, 10 minutes; 25, 30 minutes; etc. Rotation B: 15 minutes; 35 minutes; etc. Rotation C: 20 minutes; 40 minutes; etc.

Is survival good in Shadowlands?

Overall it’s exceptionally strong in both single target, and aoe, and it’s decently strong for other hunter specs, making it a very safe pick for all situations.

What is rotation C disruption?

2y. It depends on your performance. For rounds 1 and 2, you get A or B depending on how many Conduits you defend successfully. On round 3, you get C for defending all 4, B if you only defend 2 or 3, and A if you only defend 1. From round 4 onward, you get C if you defend 3 or 4, and B if you defend 1 or 2.

How do you play Shadowlands survival hunter?

How to Play Survival Hunter in Shadowlands

  1. Serpent Sting to maintain the damage over time effect on your primary target.
  2. Coordinated Assault on cooldown.
  3. Kill Shot on cooldown.
  4. Wildfire Bomb on cooldown.
  5. Carve if you will hit at least three targets.
  6. Kill Command if you will not exceed your maximum Focus.

What is the rotation for the survival Hunter?

The Survival Hunter rotation is based primarily around one ability: Steady Shot. Steady Shot is the one of the highest DPS abilities that Hunters have in TBC due to its low cast time and high AP scaling ratio compared to other shots.

When to use multi shot in a rotation?

For Multi-Shot specifically, just replace one of your Steady Shot uses in your rotation with Multi-Shot whenever you want to weave it in. Volley is also something you can use, but is relatively weak. This is only worth using on huge (10+) groups of enemies, and only if both Explosive Trap and Multi-Shot are on cooldown.

When to use Kill Command during your rotation?

Since Kill Command is not on the Global Cooldown (GCD) it is best to use every time it comes off cooldown throughout your rotation. You are able to substitute Multi-Shot for either of your Steady Shot s since it generally causes more damage. We would also include Rapid Fire throughout, as well.