What is the BevMo 5cent sale?

What is the BevMo 5cent sale?

Year round, alcohol chain BevMo runs its 5 cent wine sale, a promotion that stipulates that if you buy one bottle of certain wines, you get the second bottle for just 5 cents.

How does BevMo 5 cent deal work?

Mix Things Up – Buy one 5¢ Wine or Spirit and get any second item for 5¢ (equal or lesser value on second bottle). A BevMologist will give you an empty case to hold your wine and spirits. 1 For You, 1 For Me – Give one bottle as a gift and keep the other bottle for yourself!

Is BevMo going out of business?

Currently, there aren’t plans to close any BevMo stores, which are in California, Washington and Arizona. GoPuff has about 3,000 employees and Concord, Calif. -based BevMo has about 2,000.

Does ClubBev cost money?

program (“ClubBev!” or the “Program”) is sponsored by Beverages & More, Inc. (“BevMo!”, “we”, “us” or “our”). Membership is voluntary, free and is open to legal residents of the United States (including Puerto Rico) who are 21 years of age or older. No purchase is necessary to become a member.

Does BevMo sell good wine?

No matter what’s on the menu or where you’re celebrating the holidays, we have the perfect wine for any occasion. Choose from hundreds of the world’s finest varietals and blends including rare and exclusive releases from BevMo!

Who just bought BevMo?

Philadelphia-based GoPuff, which specializes in food and convenience store delivery, acquired BevMo! in December in a $350 million deal to help expand its presence on the West Coast.

Which company bought BevMo?

BevMo was acquired by Gopuff for $350M on Nov 5, 2020 .

Who is buying BevMo?

Softbank-backed delivery start-up Gopuff said it will acquire alcoholic beverage chain BevMo for $350 million. The deal paves the way for Gopuff to enter the California market.

How old do you have to be to enter BevMo?

21 years of age
We require that all customers, regardless of the items being purchased, have a valid California ID and be at least 21 years of age.”

Is BevMo public?

BevMo! is a wholly-owned subsidiary of GoPuff, after GoPuff announced the acquisition of BevMo! on November 5th 2020….BevMo!

Type Privately held company
Number of locations 148 stores (September 2013)
Area served California, Arizona, Washington
Products Wine, Spirits, Alcoholic beverages