What is the cheapest way to buy BBO dollars?

What is the cheapest way to buy BBO dollars?

It seems that is cheaper to buy the $s by logging on through the BBO website ( ) as suggested rather than through the APP. (the APP is an alternative way to log onto BBO and is available to download on tablets and ipads.

What is compatibility in bridge base?

Compatibility is determined between two players – it’s not something specific to each player separately. When you see 5 stars in someone’s profile it means you and that person are probably very compatible. They also see 5 stars in your profile.

How do you get the bridge base on the online App?

Go to your Apple or Android app store, and search for “Bridge Base”. What you need to run this application: Apple version – any Apple iPad or iPhone will be able to run the apple version of the app.

How much does a BBO dollar cost?

It costs money. Almost all pair events cost BB$2 per person to enter. You pay the entry fee when you register for the tournament on BBO and you may offer to pay for your partner too.

What do the compatibility stars mean on BBO?

Compatibility stars are a measure of how similar someone else appears to be to you, and how likely you are to be compatible partners. We look at things like coming from the same country (so you speak the same language) and similar point levels.

What do stars mean on BBO?

Stars mean that the players have achieved significant success at a national or international level.

How do you get Bridge Base Online dollars?

1-Click Purchasing You elected to use the Remember CC# option and you have logged back into the payment page form, and you want to use the same credit card as last time. You just have to decide how much BB$ you wish to purchase by clicking the down arrow next to the dollar amount, and then click the Purchase button.

How do I register with Bridge Base Online?

Step by Step Guide to Registering with Bridge Base Online (BBO)

  1. In an Internet web browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome etc) Go to
  2. Click ‘Play bridge now’ (red button in centre)
  3. If you have not previously registered with BBO then click ‘Become a member (free!)
  4. Type in a User name.

What is the newest version of BBO?

3 is here. BBO has just been upgraded. This is a minor update, containing mostly bug fixes and improvements in the Director tools area and other features related to tournament management.

What is the latest version of BBO?

make sure you are all using the latest version of BBO. – For web, visit and click Play Bridge Now. – For mobile, the latest app version should be version 5.6.