What is the difference between BCDC and DCDC charger?

What is the difference between BCDC and DCDC charger?

A BCDC charger is a DCDC charger, the “BCDC ” is the start of the REDARC part number and means Battery Charger Direct Current , for example BCDC1225D. I trust this will point you in the right direction. If you have further queries, I recommend you call REDARC Technical Support on 08 83224848.

What is a BCDC charger?

The in-vehicle battery charger, or BCDC, keeps the auxiliary battery charged whilst driving, ensuring your secondary battery is charged to a proven 100% no matter its type or size.

What does BCDC mean?


Acronym Definition
BCDC Bay Conservation and Development Commission (San Francisco, California)
BCDC Baltimore City Detention Center (Baltimore, MD)
BCDC Business Cycle Dating Committee (business chronology)
BCDC Bureau of Communicable Disease Control (Massachusetts)

What does the Smart Start SBI 12V 100A do?

The REDARC Smart Start® SBI12 is a 100A 12V microprocessor-controlled battery isolator which protects the start battery from excessive discharge, while allowing the auxiliary battery to supply charge to non-essential loads. Charge your auxiliary battery whilst driving. Protection against a flat start battery.

What can a SBI battery be used for?

It is used as a solenoid priority system in dual battery systems and provides 12V DC incorporating 100A of continuous ratings. The SBI range manages battery charge for your secondary battery while on the move.

Can a sbi12 be used as a BCDC?

With the release of our new Dual Input BCDC’s to our range, the setup is even easier! As per the diagram below, a SBI12 can be used and no relays are required. BCDC1240 WITH 12V AND SOLAR INPUTS AND JUMP START FEATURE