What is the difference between Oracle DBA and Oracle Apps DBA?

What is the difference between Oracle DBA and Oracle Apps DBA?

An “Apps DBA” also has a skillet to manage the installation, running of the suite of Oracle Applications products (financials, accounts, etc etc). Typically an Apps DBA is a role more closely aligned to that of Production DBA, with an additional focus on Oracle Applications software.

What is an Oracle Apps DBA?

The Oracle APPS DBA will be responsible for installation, configuration, upgrading, administrating, monitoring, troubleshooting, cloning, Patching, Backup and restore of Oracle EBS. Would be responsible for reviewing application/databases, identify performance bottlenecks and fixing those. RESPONSIBILITIES.

How many types of DBA are there?

There are database administrators (DBAs)who focus on logical design and DBAs who focus on physical design; DBAs who specialize in building systems and DBAs who specialize in maintaining and tuning systems; specialty DBAs and general-purpose DBAs. Truly, the job of DBA encompasses many roles.

What is Autoconfig in Oracle Apps R12 2?

-Autoconfig in oracle apps r12 is a tool that supports automated configuration of an Applications instance. -Autoconfig tool is a set of scripts to centralize and simplify E-Business Suite configuration management.

How many phases Autoconfig will run?

There are three phases in which the Autoconfig runs.

How to run ad utilities in Oracle DBA?

AD Utilities for Oracle Apps DBA 1 Generate Applications Files menu 2 Maintain Applications Files menu 3 Compile/Reload Applications Database Entities menu 4 Maintain Applications Database Entities menu 5 Change Maintenance Mode 6 Exit AD Administration More

What is the ad top in Oracle appsdba?

AD_TOP is a product in Application which is under directory APPL_TOP/ad/12.0.0. This top contains Utilities & program code which is very frequently used by DBA’s. We look at one of the most commonly used AD tasks as Apps DBA Job.

What kind of applications are included in Oracle E-Business Suite?

The Oracle HTML-based applications (originally known as Self-Service applications) add a browser-based, walk-up-and-use functionality to Oracle E-Business Suite.

What are the tasks of the ad utility?

The tasks performed with this utility fall into two categories: database and file system. 1. Generate Applications Files menu 2. Maintain Applications Files menu 3. Compile/Reload Applications Database Entities menu 4. Maintain Applications Database Entities menu 5. Change Maintenance Mode 6. Exit AD Administration 4.