What is the highest level of education you have completed if still in college?

What is the highest level of education you have completed if still in college?

Your highest degree is a high school diploma. If you completed a course of study for two years toward an associates degree, then that would be your level of education. Of course, if you obtain a degree from a four year college, then you would have a bachelor’s degree.

What do I put for degree earned?

Always include the following information: the degree you received, your major, the name of your school, its location, and your graduation year. Start with your highest educational attainment. List all other degrees in reverse-chronological order. Delete high-school education if you already graduated from college.

What is highest degree obtained?

Doctoral Degree The doctorate degree is the highest degree you can earn in most fields. A doctorate can lead to greater opportunities for professional advancement and higher earning potential.

What is highest attained level?

Educational attainment refers to the highest level of education that a person has successfully completed. At the primary and secondary school level, educational attainment refers to the highest grade completed or whether or not the person has obtained a secondary school (high school) diploma or equivalency certificate.

How do you write the highest qualification?

1 Answer. Highest qualification means the most advanced (i.e., highest) academic award (e.g., high school, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree) that you’ve been granted (i.e., completed).

Which country has the highest education?


Which is the most dangerous country?

World’s 10 most dangerous countries in 2014RankPolitical Risk AtlasGlobal Peace Index1SomaliaSyria2SyriaAfghanistan3AfghanistanSouth Sudan4Democratic Republic of CongoIrak6

What’s the best country to live in?

Norway. The United Nations listed Norway as the best country to live in primarily because all of the factors the researchers took into consideration were good marks on behalf of Norway. Switzerland. The health of people who live in Switzerland is outrageously impressive. Australia. Ireland. Germany. Iceland. Sweden. Hong Kong.

Which is the most educated country in Asia?


Which country is most illiterate?

South Sudan – 27.0 %Benin – 29.0 % Burkina Faso – 29.0 % Mali – 31.0 % Afghanistan – 32.0 % Central African Republic – 37.0 % Chad – 38.0 % Ethiopia – 39.0 % Ethiopia is in the northeastern part of Africa, known as the Horn of Africa.

What race is the most uneducated?

Persons identifying as Hispanic or Latino, without regard to race, had the lowest educational attainment. The gap was the largest between foreign-born Asian Americans, over half (50.1%) of whom had a bachelor’s degree or higher and foreign-born Hispanics, 9.8% of whom had a four-year college degree.

Which country has the lowest education rate?

The literacy rate for all males and females that are at least 15 years old is 86.3%….Other nations with low literacy rates include:Guinea-Bissau (30.4%)South Sudan (34.5%)Mali (35.5%)Central African Republic (37.4%)Burkina Faso (41.2%)Benin (42.4%)Afhganistan (43.0%)

What country has the least education?

It ranks the world’s poorest countries according to their education systems. Somalia has the least functional system in the world with just 10% of children going to primary school, while Eritrea is second worst. Haiti, Comoros and Ethiopia fare almost as badly.

What country has the worst healthcare?

Hemorrhagic stroke 30 day in-hospital mortality per 100 hospital dischargesRankCountryDeath rate1Japan11.82Finland13.13South Korea13.74

Which state is the lowest in education?