What is the longest running show in Broadway history?

What is the longest running show in Broadway history?

The Phantom of the Opera
The Phantom of the Opera The longest-running show in Broadway history officially opened on January 26, 1988 and is still playing at the Majestic The Andrew Lloyd Webber musical won 7 1988 Tony Awards® including Best Musical.

What is the longest running revival on Broadway?

The Top 20 Longest-Running Broadway Shows

  1. 1. “ The Phantom of the Opera” 13,370 performances and counting (Jan.
  2. 2. “ Chicago” 9,692 performances and counting (Nov.
  3. 3. “ The Lion King” 9,302 performances and counting (Nov.
  4. 4. “ Cats”
  5. 5. “ Wicked”
  6. 6. “ Les Misérables”
  7. 7. “ A Chorus Line”
  8. “Oh! Calcutta!”

Which play holds the title for longest running West End show?

Les Misérables
Les Misérables With some of the most recognisable songs in musical theatre, the classic story of Jean Valjean and revolutionary France is the longest-running musical in the history of the West End.

How long did Les Miserables run on Broadway?

The Broadway production opened 12 March 1987 and ran until 18 May 2003, closing after 6,680 performances. At the time of its closing, it was the second-longest running musical in broadway history. As of 2019, it remains the sixth longest-running Broadway show.

What’s the longest-running play?

Known as the “world’s longest-running play,” The Moustrap has been running since 1952 and will celebrate 70 years in London in 2022. “It feels very symbolic that The Mousetrap will be amongst the first West End show to open its doors again,” said producer Adam Spiegel in a statement.

What is the longest play ever?

The Bald Soprano
I say ‘once decreed’ because the current Guinness World Records web site lists a production by the 27 O’Clock Players (of Belmar, New Jersey) of Ionesco’s absurdist ‘anti-play’ The Bald Soprano (aka The Bald Prima Donna) as the world’s longest ‘continuous dramatic performance’, at 23 hours 33 minutes 54 seconds.

What is one of the longest-running musicals in both London and New York?

The story of a deformed musical genius’s obsession with a talented soprano, Phantom has won more than 70 major theatre awards and has been seen by more than 140 million people. It is the longest-running show in Broadway history and the first to reach 10,000 performances in New York.

What is the biggest Broadway show?

The Lion King
Broadway revenue (since 1982)

Rank Musical Gross revenue (US$)
1 The Lion King $1,657,407,012
2 Wicked $1,345,482,298
3 The Phantom of the Opera $1,241,017,579

Which is the longest running musical on Broadway?

The current longest-running musical on Broadway is The Phantom of the Opera, which opened in 1988 and played its 10,000th performance in 2012. M denotes a musical and P denotes a straight play.

How many Broadway shows have been on Broadway?

Nine shows currently running on Broadway (all musicals) have at least 1,000 performances: The Phantom of the Opera, the 1996 revival of Chicago, The Lion King, Wicked, The Book of Mormon, Aladdin, Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen, and Come from Away . Unless otherwise noted, the run count listed is for the original Broadway production of the show.

How long has Phantom of the Opera been on Broadway?

The Phantom of the Opera has been running at the Majestic Theatre on Broadway since 1988. This is a list of Broadway shows with 1,000 or more performances, sorted by number of performances.