What is the Lucknow station code?

What is the Lucknow station code?

Lucknow Junction railway station (official name Lucknow NER, station code LJN) is one of the two main railway stations of Lucknow city for broad gauge trains.

What means Lucknow NR?

Lucknow NR railway division is one of the five railway divisions under Northern Railway zone (NR) of Indian Railways. This railway division was formed on 23 April 1867 and its headquarters are located at Lucknow in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

How many stations are in Lucknow?

There are 14 railway stations in Lucknow.

What are the railway stations in Lucknow?

Top 10 stations in District – Lucknow

Station Name Distance
1 Lucknow (LKO) Dist – Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh)
2 Lucknow Jn (LJN) Dist – Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh)
3 Badshahnagar (BNZ) Dist – Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) 5 kms
4 Aishbagh (ASH) Dist – Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) 1 kms

What is difference between LJN and LKO?

Lucknow Ne Railway station is situated in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. Station code of Lucknow Ne is LJN. Here are some popular nearby railway stations of Lucknow Ne – Lucknow Nr (LKO), etc.

How many railway stations are there in Lucknow division?

194 stations
Lucknow division caters to 13 districts of Uttar Pradesh, and there are 194 stations under it. Its headquarters is the Lucknow Charbagh Railway Station, which until 1867, was a huge orchard.

What is difference between Lucknow NE and Lucknow NR?

It takes 1 minutes to travel from Lucknow Nr Railway Station to Lucknow Ne(ljn) Railway Station. Approximate driving distance between Lucknow Nr Railway Station and Lucknow Ne(ljn) Railway Station is 1 kms or 0.6 miles or 0.5 nautical miles . Travel time refers to the time taken if the distance is covered by a car.

What is difference between LJN and Lko?

What is the old name of Lucknow?

Therefore, people say that the original name of Lucknow was Lakshmanpur, popularly known as Lakhanpur or Lachmanpur.

What is the full form of Lko?

LKO Full Form

Full Form Category Term
LUCKNOW Indian Railway Station LKO
Lowest Known Oil Earth Science LKO

What is difference between LKO and LJN?

Lucknow Junction Railway Station (LJN) Lucknow Junction railway station (official name Lucknow NER, station code LJN) is one of the two main railway stations of Lucknow city for broad gauge trains.

Which is the station code of Lucknow railway station?

A) The station code for Lucknow Railway Station is ‘LKO’. Being the largest railway network in the world, Indian Railways announced station code names to all train routes giving railways its language. Q) Lucknow Railway Station falls under which zone of Indian Railways?

Which is the first train to arrive at Lucknow?

The first train that arrives at Lucknow is at BHAGALPUR – GANDHIDHAM Special at 00:05 hours. Download the RailYatri app to get accurate information and details for the Lucknow station trains time table. Q) When does the last train depart from Lucknow Railway Station?

Who is the architect of Lucknow Charbagh railway station?

Now known as Lucknow Charbagh station, it is part of Northern Railway. Built at a price of ₹ 70 lakhs, which now values as 2 million Dollars or 14 crore INR In 2021; Lucknow Charbagh was designed by J. H. Horniman. The foundation of the railway station was placed in March 1914. The building was completed in 1923.

Which is the important railway station in Uttar Pradesh?

Lucknow Railway station is in Lucknow district making it an important railway station in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. The station code name of Lucknow is ‘LKO’.