What is the meaning of Monarchianism?

What is the meaning of Monarchianism?

Monarchianism, in Christianity, a Christological position that opposed the doctrine of an independent, personal subsistence of the Logos and affirmed the sole deity of God the Father. Thus, it represented the extreme monotheistic view.

Who excommunicated sabellius?

Pope Calixtus
Pope Calixtus was at first inclined to be sympathetic to Sabellius’ teaching but later condemned it and excommunicated Sabellius. The heresy broke out again 30 years later in Libya and was opposed by Dionysius of Alexandria.

Is arianism a Subordinationist?

Subordinationism is a belief that began within early Christianity that asserts that the Son and the Holy Spirit are subordinate to God the Father in nature and being. Subordinationism has common characteristics with Arianism. In various forms it thrived at the same time as Arianism, and long survived Arianism.

What is Eutychianism heresy?

Eutyches , revered archimandrite, or monastic superior, in the Eastern Church, at Constantinople, who is regarded as the founder of Eutychianism, an extreme form of the monophysite heresy that emphasizes the exclusive prevalence of the divinity in Christ.

What is subordination Christianity?

Subordinationism is a trinitarian doctrine that regards the Son and the Holy Spirit as sub-ordinate to the Father with respect to the Father’s deity.

What is the meaning of Monarchianism in Greek?

Monarchianism (from the Greek monarkhia, meaning “ruling of one,” and -ismos, meaning “practice or teaching”) stresses the absolute, uncompromising unity of God in contrast to the doctrine of the Trinity, which is often lambasted as veiled tritheism by nontrinitarian Christians and other monotheists.

Who are the contradicting models of Monarchianism?

There are basically two contradicting models of Monarchianism: Modalism considers God to be one person appearing and working in the different “modes” of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The chief proponent of Modalism was Sabellius, hence the view is also called Sabellianism.

How is Modalistic Monarchianism different from Trinitarianism?

It is a form of Monarchianism and as such stands in contrast with Trinitarianism. Modalistic Monarchianism considers God to be one while working through the different “modes” or “manifestations” of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Who are The Monarchians and what did they believe about Jesus?

Monarchians were opposed by Logos theologians (Tertullian, Hippolytus, Clement of Alexandria, and Origen of Alexandria) who believed Jesus to be only the incarnation of a preexistant Logos, rather than the incarnation of God in his fullness.