What is the meaning of the poem Vultures?

What is the meaning of the poem Vultures?

The poem “Vultures” speaks broadly about life and humanity, using the specific example that evil beings like vultures and the commandant in the Belsen camp are alike, both fighting for survival and happiness. The vulture,“perching high on broken bone of a dead tree” is fighting for survival by feeding off dead animals.

Why does Achebe describe the Vultures head as bashed in?

Vultures symbolize death and decomposition. The poet tells us that these symbols of death and evil, who eat the decaying corpses, can have a loving side. This image of love contrasts with their evil nature. bashed-in head – another image of violence that creates a terrifying/ugly picture of them.

What is the extended metaphor in Vultures?

About “Vultures” 1 contributor The poem is an extended metaphor on the nature of evil. It portrays a picture of a concentration camp commander, but begins with an analogy; a description of a pair of vultures who nuzzle ‘affectionately’ together after gorging on a corpse.

Why did Chinua Achebe write Vultures?

His novels trace Africa’s transition from traditional to modern ways. Achebe believed that a good work of art should have a purpose, an idea that originates in the oral tradition of storytelling in Africa. He died in 2013. His body of work looks at the relationship between African mysticism and modern Western culture.

What is the theme of the poem vultures by Chinua Achebe?

Published by Chinua Achebe in 1971, Vultures is a poem of four uneven stanzas, written in free form. It discusses the elements of love and evil in the world, using a comparison of vultures with the Commandant at Belsen Camp to highlight the link between humans and nature.

What does the word nestled mean in the poem vultures?

The first suggestion of gentleness comes when Achebe tells us that the male vulture is ‘nestled close to his mate’, conveying the feeling that they are fond of each other’s company.

Why does the poet use the image of the vulture?

The poet is upset that Science, the daughter of Time, should prey upon the heart of the poet. He uses the image of the vulture for Science. The argument appears that if Science takes away myth, then it takes away the reality of the human imagination.

How is vulture used in the poem?

Achebe begins the poem by creating a despondent atmosphere. The use of vultures in the story is symbolic of death and greed. The vultures are described with a “smooth bashed-in head, a pebble on a stem rooted in a dump of gross feathers.” and were said to have been eating a corpse’s remains.

What type of poem is vultures?

It is a dark and somber piece that focuses on the Belsen concentration camp and a commandant who works there. Chinua Achebe’s ‘Vultures’ is a gritty poem that is hard to read due to the harrowing subject matter. By using several visual and olfactory imagery, Achebe creates a dark and filthy environment in the poem.

What does despondent Dawn mean?

: feeling or showing extreme discouragement, dejection, or depression despondent about his health.

Why does the poet describe the frost as precocious?

‘precocious’ – It is not long-lasting. It is an image of the flowers that will grow in spring. are compared to flowers which grow in Spring.

What is the vulture in sonnet to science?

The readers find out after reading the next two lines, that the peering eyes belong to a “vulture, whose wings are dull realities.” Poe also states that the vulture preys “upon the poet’s heart.” By comparing science to a vulture with dull realities, Poe endeavors to convey that science supports an idea which lacks a …

What was the subject of the poem vultures by Chinua Achebe?

The following list contains a few poems that similarly showcase the themes and subject matter described in Chinua Achebe’s ironic poem ‘Vultures’. ‘Death Fugue’ by Paul Celan – This poem presents the dying thoughts of a Jewish person who was confined in a concentration camp. Read more Paul Celan poems.

What kind of environment does Chinua Achebe create?

By using several visual and olfactory imagery, Achebe creates a dark and filthy environment in the poem. It depicts a truthful picture of the Belsen concentration camp.

What does Chinua Achebe mean by’unstirred by Harbingers of sunbreak’?

There is no sign of sun at the start of the day, as the phrase ‘unstirred by harbingers of sunbreak’ tells us (harbinger meaning a sign or announcer). A pair of vultures are sitting together on the branch of a tree. Achebe uses both alliteration and metaphor in describing the branch as a ‘broken bone’, and the tree is dead.

Who is the author of the poem vultures?

Vultures by Chinua Achebe (A Comprehensive Analysis) Chinua Achebe is a Nigerian writer who would probably be familiar with the sight of vultures, which are scavenging birds, feeding on the carcass of a dead animal. This is the image that he explores in the first section of his poem entitled ‘Vultures’.