What is the most important question in organic chemistry?

What is the most important question in organic chemistry?

The most important question in chemistry is “Where are the electrons?” electronegative atoms (e.g. F, Cl, O, N) of a molecule. The electronegative atoms pull electron density away from the less electronegative atoms (e.g. C, H) to which they are bonded.

Which is most important chapter in chemistry class 12?

In inorganic chemistry, Coordination Chemistry (Naming) and Surface Chemistry (D/B) are important chapters and caries 10 marks each. P-block (Structure, Hybridization) and D-block (KMnO4, K2Cr2o7) are also important Chapters for CBSE Class 12th Board Exam as these two chapters carry 13 marks each.

Which is the easiest chapter in organic chemistry class 12?

Also practice the structure and hybridization of different p-block compounds given in the NCERT book, these are asked frequently. 4) Organic Chemistry: “Haloalkanes and Haloarenes” is the easiest chapter in the Organic chemistry.

Is Class 12 chemistry difficult?

Many students might find CBSE Class 12 Chemistry a tad difficult to prepare for. The syllabus is huge, which poses a difficulty during revision within a short span of time, especially for students who have not studied all the CBSE Class 12 Chemsitry chapters earlier and are not clear on the fundamentals.

What are the important topics in 12th chemistry board exam?

The chapters covered in the important questions class 12 chemistry are The Solid State Solutions, Electrochemistry, Chemical Kinetics, Surface Chemistry, General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements, The p-Block Elements, The d and f Block Elements, Coordination Compounds, Haloalkanes and Haloarenes.

Which chapter should I start in chemistry?

In physical chemistry you should focus on thermodynamics, kinematics and chemical equilibrium. Moreover be thorough with all the exceptions and formulas. You can go for Pradeep’s for physical chemistry preparation . Read inbetween lines from NCERT itself rather than wondering for different books.

Which is the easiest chapter in physics class 12?

Which chapters are easy and easy to score in 12 physics and…

  • Dual Nature of light.
  • EMW.
  • Communication System.
  • Current Electricity.
  • Logic gates.
  • Particle nature of light.
  • Magnetic properties.
  • Alternating Current.

Are there any previous year questions in chemistry class 12?

The chapter-wise previous year questions of chemistry class 12, is an easy read that comes inclusive on all the vital topics described concisely. Students will acquire a brief comprehension and can enhance the preparation for their annual examinations.

How are the questions prepared for the CBSE chemistry exam?

The questions and answers are prepared chapter-by-chapter, topic-wise, which makes the revision easy and manageable before the exam. Expert teachers prepare the solutions and questions of the chapters carefully, with an in-depth evaluation of past exam trends and previous year papers.

How to score 10 marks in organic chemistry?

Learning name reactions from organic chemistry will help you to score 10 marks without any doubt. Create a special notebook, and write down each and every important term you find during the preparation process on that notebook. Now give at least 1 hour every day on revising that notebook. This will help you to retain stuff more clearly.

What are the group 17 elements in chemistry?

Group 17 Elements: General introduction, electronic configuration, oxidation states, occurrence, trends in physical and chemical properties; compounds of halogens, Preparation, properties and uses of Chlorine and Hydrochloric acid, interhalogen compounds, Oxoacids of halogens (structures only).