What is the new NIH salary cap for 2021?

What is the new NIH salary cap for 2021?

Effective January 3, 2021, the Executive Level II salary cap level is $199,300, as announced in this January 29, 2021 Guide notice.

Can my grant application budget include annual salary increases for key personnel?

“Can my grant application’s budget include annual salary increases for key personnel?” Generally, no. Any reason for year-to-year increases should be stated clearly in the budget justification. Our escalation policy applies to other costs categories as well, e.g., supplies, travel.

What should be included in a grant budget?

Common Budget Categories for Grants and Federal Contracts

  1. Salaries and wages. Salaries and wages for all personnel who will be working on the project should be included.
  2. Fringe benefits.
  3. Equipment.
  4. Travel.
  5. Materials and supplies.
  6. Publication costs.
  7. Other.
  8. Less frequently used categories.

How do you write a budget justification for a grant?

Explain why items are essential in relation to the aims and methodology of the project as well as meeting the goals of the project. Explain the line items. Do not merely restate the proposed expenditure. Provide detail sufficient to justify the rationale for acquiring the item under the proposed project.

Is there a policy on salary escalation in NIH?

In general, NIH does not have policy on salary escalation submitted in an application. We advise applicants to request in the application the actual costs needed for the budget period and to request cost escalations only if the escalation is consistent with institutional policy.

What are the requirements for a T32 training grant?

You must have a sufficient number of faculty research mentors, resources, and outstanding candidates to justify your request. It’s also important to note that the T32 training grants do not support all of the potential candidates that are associated with the overall training program.

How much does a NIH grant application cost?

To determine whether to use a detailed versus modular budget for your NIH application, see the flowchart below. NIH uses a modular budget format to request up to a total of $250,000 of direct costs per year (in modules of $25,000, excluding consortium F&A costs) for some applications, rather than requiring a full detailed budget.

Where can I find the NIH T32 grant number?

If you do not know the grant number you can search the NIH funded T32 grants at If you have any questions concerning the FOIA process please call 301-496-9737 and a specialist will be able to assist you.