What is the pass mark for Bece 2021?

What is the pass mark for Bece 2021?

Candidates who will sit for the BECE examination are expected to obtain a grade in All the subjects not more than 40 marks. Any mark below 40 is considered as failed and such candidates may not get the placement of their choice.

Which SHS has the nicest entrance?

Top 10 SHS With Beautiful Entrance

  • Opoku Ware School.
  • St.
  • Prempeh College.
  • T.I Ahmadiyya Senior High School.
  • Yaa Asantewaa Girls’ Senior High School.
  • Archbishop Porters Girls’ Senior High School.
  • Mfantsiman Girls’ Senior High School.
  • Adisadel College. Adisadel College is located in Cape Coast, Ghana.

How do I get adisadel?

Applicants must obtain at least a D (4) in six subjects. In addition, they must have passes in 3 subjects, one of the passes should be Grade D or better at the ´A´ Levels. Applications are invited from qualified and interested candidates for Adisadel College 2021/2022 admission.

What is the pass aggregate for BECE?

The pass aggregate for BECE is from aggregate 6-30. Candidates sitting for the exam are expected to have scores within this range to be able to qualify for school placement.

How can I pass my BECE 2021?

Learn with Strategy Topics like two set problems, statistics, and Algebra are always asked in the BECE. In other to pass the exams, you’ll need to get yourself acquainted with such topics, learn them with strategy and master these key topics together with others..

Which SHS is the most beautiful in Ghana?

Here are our top 10 most beautiful senior high schools in Ghana

  • ST.

Which SHS in Ghana has the biggest dining hall?

Adisadel College, arguably Ghana’s finest Boys Senior High School, has officially commissioned the biggest dining hall in the West African sub-region during the school’s 107th Speech and Prize-giving day in Cape Coast.

What are the Category A schools in Accra?


  • Accra Academy.
  • Accra Girls’ Senior High School.
  • Achimota School.
  • St. Mary’s Senior High School.
  • St. Thomas Aquinas Senior High School.
  • Presbyterian Boys’ Secondary School (PRESEC)
  • Tema Senior High School.

How is BECE aggregate score calculated?

Count the number of correct answers and note them down. Divide the correct answers by the total number of questions asked. The quotient should be in decimal points or a fraction. Multiply the quotient by 100% to get a percentage.

How does BECE 2020 calculate aggregate?

See below the sample results obtained by a 2020 BECE candidate and how to calculate the aggregate score. Here, to obtain your grade, you will take the first best core ( English, Social Studies, Mathematics, and Integrated Science) => 1+2+1+2 = 6. Now Look through your results and get 2 best elective subjects ( Info.

Which is the best senior high school in Ghana?

1 This article contains information on the list of senior high schools (SHS) and category A schools in Ghana for the year 2020. 4.1 1. PETER’S MISSION SCHOOL 4.2 2. HOLY CHILD HIGH SCHOOL, GHANA 4.3 3. ANDREWS SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL 4.4 4. POTSIN TI AHMADIYYA SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL 4.5 5. KNUST SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL 4.6 6. EJURAMAN ANGLICAN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL

When was KNUST Senior High School in Ghana established?

Established 1961, KNUST Senior High School which was formerly known as the Technology Secondary School until 2007 is a public high school established in February 1961 by the then-vice chancellor of the University Of Science and Technology Dr. R.P. Baffour.

Where is the Holy Child School in Ghana?

Holy Child School, also known as Angel’s Hill is a renowned school that has been making waves for many years. It is a female boarding secondary institution in Cape Coast in the Central Region of Ghana .The school was established in 1946 by the Society of the Holy Child Jesus to help Catholics in the region who desired education.