What is the passing score for the medical assistant exam?

What is the passing score for the medical assistant exam?

The minimum passing score (MPS) is 430. Thus, you will need to obtain a score of 430 or more to pass the examination. The AAMA Certifying Board may change this minimum required proficiency level as deemed appropriate.

Is medical assistant exam hard?

How Hard is the CMA Certification Exam? The CMA exam is 200 questions and you’ll be given 160 minutes total to answer them, so time management is vital. Of the over 10,000 applicants who took the CMA test in 2018, 60% passed on their first attempt.

What kind of questions are on the medical assistant exam?

The Medical Assistant test has 3 categories. The general category consists of questions about psychology, communication, professionalism, medical ethics, and medical terminology. The administrative category consists of medical reception, scheduling appointments, practice finances, and medical business practices.

Can you take the CMA exam online?

Students who have completed all aspects of their programs except the practicum should be directed to the steps below when applying for the CMA (AAMA) Certification Exam online: The candidate will apply and enter in the expected program completion date.

How many questions is the medical assistant exam?

The exam consists of 200 multiple-choice questions administered in four 40-minute segments. CMA (AAMA) Exam Practice Tutorial | Completing the American Association of Medical Assistants Computer-Based Testing Tutorial prepares CMA (AAMA) exam candidates for what to expect when taking the exam at the testing site.

What happens if you fail the CMA exam?

Candidates who do not pass the exam will receive a report that indicates their performance on each of the key topic areas (5 on Part 1; 6 on Part 2) in the multiple-choice section as well as their overall performance on the essay section. There are three performance ratings: Satisfactory, Marginal, and Unsatisfactory.

What should I study for medical assistant certification exam?

Sections of the Medical Assistant test

  • Anatomy and Physiology. The subject areas of anatomy and physiology cover a lot of ground.
  • Diagnostic Tests.
  • Financial Management and Insurance.
  • Law and Ethics.
  • Medical Office Management.
  • Medical Procedures.
  • Pharmacology.
  • Phlebotomy.

What does the CMA exam consist of?

The CMA certification exam has two parts. The first focuses on financial reporting and planning, while the second covers financial decision making. For each part, test takers get four hours to answer 100 multiple choice questions and write two essays.

How do I take the CMA exam?

Pay the CMA Entrance Fee here. Register for the exam here. Receive confirmation of your registration, which provides your authorization number(s), testing window(s), and the Instructions for Candidates. Schedule your exam appointment(s) with Prometric, the IMA testing partner at

How many questions can you miss on the CMA exam?

There is one way to know immediately that you failed the CMA exam. If you answer less than 50% of the multiple-choice questions wrong, you will not be allowed to proceed to the essay portion of the test. However, if you do but still receive less than a total of 360 points, you will have failed.

How to prepare for a medical assistant exam?

For more information on licensing and exam prep, go to’s Medical Assistant Test Guide. And take’s free Medical Assistant Practice Test. For exam preparation products and services, such as study guides, practice tests, flashcards and courses, go to’s Medical Assistant listings.

What are the subject areas for medical assistant certification?

In most cases, certification by any of these organizations will be accepted nationally. Subject matter for these exams falls into the following three subject areas: General Knowledge, Administrative Knowledge and Clinical Knowledge.

Which is the best free medical assistant study guide?

Certified Medical Assistant Study Guide Mometrix Academy is a completely free medical assistant certification test resource provided by Mometrix Test Preparation. If you find benefit from our efforts here, check out our premium quality Certified Medical Assistant study guide to take your studying to the next level.

When do I get my certified medical assistant score?

At the conclusion of your exam, you will receive official pass/fail notification. While an official notification, this is not verification of certification. If you completed all application requirements, you will be mailed an official examination score result within three weeks after your exam.