What is the real name of Alexa Ilacad?

What is the real name of Alexa Ilacad?

Alexandra Madarang Ilacad
Alexa Ilacad/Full name

How old is Alexa Ilacad?

21 years (February 26, 2000)
Alexa Ilacad/Age

Is Alexa Ilacad related to Orly Ilacad?

A scion of the famous Ilacad family that includes her uncle, music and film producer Orly Ilacad of OctoArts Films, Alexa has also released her own solo album and is also known as one half of a popular love team with another former “Goin’ Bulilit” cast member, Nash Aguas.

How tall is Alexa Ilacad?

1.57 m
Alexa Ilacad/Height

How old is Nash Aguas?

23 years (October 10, 1998)
Nash Aguas/Age

How old is Charlie Dizon?

25 years (April 12, 1996)
Charlie Dizon/Age

Where did Alexa Ilacad go to school?

Treston International College2018
Alexa Ilacad/Education

How tall is Nash Aguas?

1.68 m
Nash Aguas/Height

What is the height of Sharlene San Pedro?

1.64 m
Sharlene San Pedro/Height

How old is Jerome Ponce?

26 years (June 4, 1995)
Jerome Ponce/Age

What is the real name of Charlie Dizon?

April Rose Dizon Matienzo
Charlie’s real name is April Rose Dizon Matienzo.

Who is Nash Aguas from the Good Son?

NASH AGUAS – The Good Son actor Nash Aguas revealed details about his past relationship with his loveteam partner Alexa Ilacad. Among the loveteams under the Kapamilya network is the “NLex” which is composed of Nash Aguas and Alexa Ilacad. The two young celebrities have been on-screen partners for several years.

Why did Alexa want to leave Nash Aguas?

By the end of the interview, she said that, moving forward, she wants to be “excluded” from the lives of Nash Aguas, a guy she used to have a “mutual understanding” with, and his girlfriend Mika dela Cruz. She just doesn’t care anymore and wants to “leave it in the past.”

Who is the girl in Nash Aguas band?

In the recent years, Aguas is currently being paired with Alexa Ilacad. They starred together in the Sunday teen sitcom show Luv U and the afternoon drama series Doble Kara. He also has a boy band group called ” Gimme 5 ” with Joaquin Reyes, John Bermundo, Grae Fernandez and Brace Arquiza.

Who is the Filipino singer Nash Aguas?

Nash Aguas is a Filipino actor, singer and model.