What is the responsibility of a secretary?

What is the responsibility of a secretary?

The secretary’s role in any formal group is to be guardian of the process of meetings. They are usually the person who makes the arrangements for the meetings, including AGMs, and keeps formal records of the group’s process and decisions: the minutes of the meeting. This may include keeping records of correspondence.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a secretary general?

The Secretary-General (SG) is the public face of the organisation and is responsible for its office leadership and giving direction and clarity to the organisation’s strategic and policy development.

What are the responsibilities of an administrative secretary?

Administrative Secretary Responsibilities: Reporting to management and performing secretarial duties. Processing, typing, editing, and formatting reports and documents. Filing documents, as well as entering data and maintaining databases. Liaising with internal departments and communicating with the public.

What are four skills needed by a Secretary?

Top secretarial skills

  • Verbal and written communication.
  • Computer and technical skills.
  • Typing and note-taking.
  • Organization.
  • Problem solving and critical thinking.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Customer service abilities.
  • Flexibility and adaptability.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a Secretary PDF?

Sorts, opens, and distributes incoming mail to staff; associates incoming correspondence with files or related materials needed for meetings, correspondence, and reports. Maintains confidentiality of documents and information received. Keeps informed of office details and advises management of problems.

What is the difference between General Secretary and Secretary-General?

She is general secretary of the National Union of Teachers. On the other hand, it (Oxford) defines ‘secretary general’ as the person who is in charge of the department that deals with the running of a large international or political organisation: A former secretary-general of NATO.

Is an administrative assistant the same as a secretary?

A secretary is a person whose job is strictly clerical. An administrative assistant has more duties to perform than a secretary. An administrative assistant’s work is far above clerical jobs. Unlike a secretary, an administrative assistant has the liberty to make independent decisions.

What are the basic duties of a secretary?

Basic Secretary – Duties and Responsibilities Taking Notes. A secretary will have to take notes and dictation from the boss for drafting the correspondence or executing the work. Scheduling Meetings. Communication. Troubleshooting. Arranging Travel and Accommodation. Organizing Office Activities and Events. Maintaining Archives. Managing Material. Answering Calls. Greets Visitors.

What is the job goals of a secretary?

It is the duty of the secretary to maintain the archives of documents and paperwork regarding foreign delegation visits, customer visits, inaugurations, new product launches, activities, events, etc. A secretary has to ensure timely and accurate delivery, and pick up of important office material.

What are the functions of a secretary?

Especially in small offices, the functions of a secretary may include routine clerical tasks and errands to assist others. This may mean canceling or rescheduling appointments, ordering office supplies, taking notes during meetings and getting drinks for guests.

What is a general job description for a secretary?

A secretary is usually responsible for greeting people in person at the office. They also greet people on the telephone. A secretary must be able to give correct information, take messages when needed, and transfer calls to the right people in the office.