What is the setting of Sixteen Candles?

What is the setting of Sixteen Candles?

Sixteen Candles takes place in Shermer, Illinois, a town that doesn’t exist (where most of Hughes’ films take place).

What is the moral of Sixteen Candles?

Family is family; they will not forsake each other. Another lesson I got from the movie is that the best way to fit in is to be yourself. You may not realize that your unique, specific qualities are what make you attractive to people in the first place.

Why is Sixteen Candles inappropriate?

Although it’s rated PG (it was released before the PG-13 option existed), this is an adult comedy with teen characters. The teens drink, have sex, and talk about birth control; in one scene, it’s implied that a guy had sex with a girl while she was passed-out drunk.

Are Anthony Michael Hall and Molly Ringwald friends?

“Although the entire group was growing close, Anthony Michael Hall and Molly Ringwald spent the most time together of any cast members,” the book reports.

What year did Sixteen Candles take place?

Molly Ringwald and Michael Schoeffling in Sixteen Candles (1984). Sixteen Candles was the first in John Hughes’ series of iconic 1980s teen movies which depicted the unfairness of having to go through puberty while attempting to graduate high school with a bunch of other people experiencing the same exact thing.

Where is the house in 16 candles?

Located at 3022 Payne Street in Evanston, Illinois, the 3,250-square-foot haven—where the opening scene takes place—contains six bedrooms and six baths and spans three stories (not including a lower level).

What is the movie 16 Wishes about?

Abby stars in this tale of a teen who can’t wait to grow up. All her life she’s been collecting wishes. On her 16th birthday, she’s amazed when her wishes start to come true.
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What is the plot of 16 candles?

With the occasion all but overshadowed by her sister’s upcoming wedding, angst-ridden Samantha (Molly Ringwald) faces her 16th birthday with typical adolescent dread. Samantha pines for studly older boy Jake (Michael Schoeffling), but worries that her chastity will be a turnoff for the popular senior. Meanwhile, Samantha must constantly rebuff the affections of nerdy Ted (Anthony Michael Hall), the only boy in the school, unfortunately, who seems to take an interest in her.
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What was wrong with the bride in Sixteen Candles?

Playing for the gag, Ginny is so overcome with menstrual cramps on her wedding day that she takes four muscle relaxers. Soon she’s reluctantly stumbling down, incoherent. Nobody seems to mind that the bride is too out of it to meaningfully take her vows.

Did the Brat Pack get along?

According to the actors, they were all like family in real life. Lowe revealed in The Brat Pack memoir titled You Couldn’t Ignore Me If You Tried, “We were all the best of friends. We all really supported each other, and genuinely liked each other, and wanted the other to succeed.”

Who is the Reverend in the movie Sixteen Candles?

The reverend marrying Samantha’s sister Ginny (played by Blanche Baker) is Brian Doyle-Murray ( Caddyshack, Groundhog Day ), a.k.a. Bill Murray’s older brother. In the same scene, a drunken Ginny takes a break from her walk down the aisle and sits down next to Agnes Belushi, John and Jim’s mom.

How much money did the movie Sixteen Candles make?

Sixteen Candles brought in a mere $4 million in its first few days, and while it went on to gross $23 million, it didn’t make enough to be one of the higher grossing films of the year. Video sales and incessant airage on networks like TBS and AMC, however, were integral to its success.

How old was Michael shoeffling when he auditioned for Sixteen Candles?

“It got to the (final) Jake Ryan shot, and we had the kissing scene. And Michael Shoeffling did not kiss me during the audition—Viggo Mortensen did. He made me weak in the knees.” Ringwald revealed she was gunning for Mortensen, but as we all know, it was a 23-year-old Schoeffling who bagged the role.

What was the plate number on Sixteen Candles?

The plate number reads 21850, a seemingly random string of digits. Hughes superfans may have realized that it’s actually a hidden nod to his birthday: February 18, 1950. As it so happens, Ringwald’s birthday also lands on February 18.