What is the size of Auvi-Q?

What is the size of Auvi-Q?

0.3 mL, 0.15 mL and 0.1 mL epinephrine solution is dispensed for AUVI-Q 0.3 mg, AUVI-Q 0.15 mg and AUVI-Q 0.1 mg, respectively, when activated.

Why was Auvi-Q discontinued?

The Auvi-Q device was pulled from the market in late 2015 by then-seller Sanofi because of the potential for delivery of an inaccurate dose of the lifesaving drug epinephrine.

How long is the Auvi-Q needle?

Table 1

EAI Lower and upper limits for needle length With thick clothes 3 mm
Skin to bone distance full pene-trating needle length − 3 mm
Epipen® 0.3 mg Upper limit 15
Auvi-Q 0.1 mm Lower limit 3.4
Upper limit 5.9

Can Auvi-Q go through jeans?

It should not be injected into your hands, fingers, feet, buttock, vein, or any other part of your body. Seek immediate medical attention in the case of an accidental injection. It can be administered while wearing pants. Contrary to popular belief, the EpiPen injection can be delivered through clothing.

Is AUVI-Q still recalled?

Sanofi US is voluntarily recalling all Auvi-Q® (epinephrine injection, USP). The recall involves all Auvi-Q currently on the market and includes both the 0.15 mg and 0.3 mg strengths for hospitals, retailers and consumers. This includes lot number 2299596 through 3037230, which expire March 2016 through December 2016.

Is AUVI-Q the same as EpiPen?

But recently, a new product, Auvi-Q has been getting a lot of buzz. Is Auvi-Q the same as Epi-Pen? The answer is no, Epipen and Auvi-Q are not the same, but they are very similar. Although they contain the same medication, they deliver the medication via two different devices.

Is Auvi-Q still recalled?

Is Auvi-Q still made?

Sanofi executives have announced their company is ending its license and development agreement for the auto-injector Auvi-Q. In a press release, Sanofi officials said the agreement with kaléo, Inc., formerly Intelliject Inc., would terminate later this year.

How big is the EpiPen needle?

The most frequently prescribed auto-injector in North America and Canada is the EpiPen®, which has a needle length of 15.2 mm. Currently, it is unknown whether this needle length is adequate for intramuscular delivery of epinephrine in adult patients at risk of anaphylaxis.

What are the dimensions of an EpiPen?

Size of the Device: For those who haven’t seen them, (a) the Auvi-Q is about 3 ½ inches long and 2 inches wide; (b) the EpiPen brand and generic devices are obviously longer (about 5 ½ inches) and about one inch wide; and (c) the Adrenaclick brand and generic devices are about 5 ¾ inches long, less than ¾ inch wide and …

Can you stab an EpiPen through jeans?

The injector’s needle is very sharp and is long enough to penetrate denim, so use these precautions when removing and disposing of used or expired injectors.

Can you administer EpiPen through clothing?

EpiPen® or EpiPen Jr® should only be injected into the middle of your outer thigh (upper leg), through clothing if necessary. Do not inject into your veins, buttocks, fingers, toes, hands or feet. Hold the leg of young children firmly in place before and during injection to prevent injuries.

What do you need to know about Auvi-Q?

AUVI-Q is for immediate self (or caregiver) administration and does not take the place of emergency medical care. Seek immediate medical treatment after using AUVI-Q. Each AUVI-Q contains a single dose of epinephrine. AUVI-Q should only be injected into your outer thigh, through clothing if necessary.

How much Auvi-Q should I give my Child?

AUVI-Q 0.15 mg For children 29 weighing 33 lbs to 66 lbs AUVI-Q 0.3 mg For anyone 29 weighing 66 lbs or more AUVI-Q dosage strengths for infants/toddlers, children, and adults are determined by patient weight.

How much epinephrine is in an Auvi-Q injection?

Each AUVI-Q 0.15 mg delivers a single dose of 0.15 mg epinephrine from epinephrine injection, USP (0.15 mL) in a sterile solution. Each AUVI-Q 0.1 mg delivers a single dose of 0.1 mg epinephrine from epinephrine injection, USP (0.1 mL) in a sterile solution.

Where is the best place to inject Auvi-Q?

AUVI-Q should only be injected into your outer thigh, through clothing if necessary. If you inject a young child or infant with AUVI-Q, hold their leg firmly in place before and during the injection to prevent injuries. Do not inject AUVI-Q into any other part of your body, such as into veins, buttocks, fingers, toes, hands, or feet.