What is the strongest MTF unit?

What is the strongest MTF unit?

MTF Tau-5 “Samsara” is an elite task force of powerful robotic cyborgs.

What does NTF stand for SCP?

NTF stands for Nine Tailed Fox obviously and NTF Epsilon – 11 is a specific MTF (Mobile Task Force) for dealing with out of hand situations.

What weapons do Nine-Tailed Fox use?

The FN P90 is the Player’s primary weapon in the NTF mod. It is also used by their fellow Nine-Tailed Fox operatives. A second FN P90 can be found in the weapons supply room, it can be picked up and will add an extra magazine to the already equipped P90.

How do you stop a Nine-Tailed Fox?

The player must use any means possible to avoid getting killed by Nine-Tailed Fox, be it by running from them or even crouching to hide.

What are the MTF ranks?


  • Trainee Operative.
  • Task Force Operative.
  • Task Force Elite Operative.
  • Task Force Sergeant.
  • Task Force Executive.

Which MTF specializes in breaches?

Mobile Task Force Epsilon-11 ( Nine-Tailed Fox ) Is An Intensively Trained Task Force That Is Dispatched To Handle Situations Where Control Is Lost, And Several Breaches Are Confirmed.

Is it MTF or NTF SCP?

MTF is general name for all mobile task forces. NTF (Nine-Tailed Fox) is one of the MTF units. NTF is responsible for handling internal security (like breaches). You can read more on SCP Wiki :).

What is Zeta 19 in SCP?

Job Description:Mobile Task Force Zeta-19 Designated ‘Hellbringers’ was an elite Mobile Task Force Unit from the SCP Foundation, led by Zeta-19 Commander ‘Warblade’.

How do I get SCP CB NTF mod?

Download the game files 1.1 of SCP: Containment Breach Nine-Tailed Fox mod, you must go to it’s ModDB page. Then go to the Files and install ‘Nine Tailed Fox Mod v0. 1’, then also install ‘SCP: CB Nine Tailed Fox Mod v0. 1.1 (PATCH)’.

How do you spawn night vision goggles in SCP?

Super Night Vision Goggles If put through SCP-914 on “Fine”, it will produce the red Night Vision Goggles. The red version is identical to the green version, except that they don’t use batteries and have a red display.

What do nine tailed foxes do SCP?

Nine Tailed Fox (MTF Epsilon-11) is a Mobile Task Squad composed of 9 personnel split into 3 groups. Their primary task is to handle Containment Breaches by re-containing all hostile SCP’s as well as terminating any rogue Class-D.

Is Epsilon-11 a nine tailed fox?