What is the tube light connection?

What is the tube light connection?

The live wire is connected to the one terminal of the switch. From another terminal of the switch the wire is carried out up to tube light set up and connected to port 1. One terminal of choke or ballast is connected to port 1 and another terminal is connected to pin 1 of terminal 1.

What are the parts of tube light?

The materials used to build a tube light are given below.

  • Filament coils as electrodes.
  • Phosphor coated glass bulb.
  • Mercury drop.
  • Inert gases (argon)
  • Electrode shield.
  • End cap.
  • Glass stem.

What is inside choke of tube light?

Inside a fluorescent tube, there is mercury vapor which gets excited when a very high potential difference or voltage is applied across it. A choke coil is used to produce this high voltage across the tube. A choke coil is essentially an inductor.

How do I join led Tubelight?

How to Install LED Tubes

  1. Step 1: Remove the old tube. First things first: disconnect the lighting fixture you are replacing from the power supply.
  2. Step 2: Check and remove the ballast.
  3. Step 3: Connect the new tube.
  4. Step 4: Reconnect the fixture to the power supply.
  5. Step 5: Dispose of your old tubes.

How many parts are there of Tubelight?

Which consists of 2 components as Ballast and Starter: Ballast: It can be electromagnetic ballast or electronic ballast.

What is ballast in tube light?

In a fluorescent lighting system, the ballast regulates the current to the lamps and provides sufficient voltage to start the lamps. Once the arc is established, the ballast quickly reduces the voltage and regulates the electric current to produce a steady light output.

How does an electronic ballast work?

An electronic ballast uses solid state electronic circuitry to provide the proper starting and operating electrical conditions to power discharge lamps. An electronic ballast can be smaller and lighter than a comparably-rated magnetic one.

What does a choke do in a fluorescent light?

the choke is a high resistance which limits the current reaching critical limits.

Can tube light work without choke?

When lighting a fluorescent tube, the starter is a closed switch. Without a choke, there is never a constant flow of electrons between the two wires and the lamp will flash.

What kind of connection is a tube light?

Connection of tube light is very simple because it has few wiring points only. Tube Light connection diagram shown here is suitable for common type fluorescent tubelight. What is Tube light? The tube light or fluorescent light is a low pressure mercury vapor gas discharge lamp and it uses fluorescent to produce white light.

How is a tube light connected to a starter?

Inside the starter, a capacitor is connected across the bi-metallic contacts to eliminate the radio interference. Another terminal of each filament is connected to the power supply. An electrical Choke is connected in series with the tube light.

How are the filaments in a fluorescent tube connected?

The fluorescent tube has two filaments with four terminals the starter is connected between two filaments, the ballast is connected between main Ac supply and one filament in tube light.

How is a tube light connected to an electronic choke?

The connection diagram of Tube Light with Electronic Choke is very simple. Here is no need of Tube Light Starter. Electronic Choke has one input and two output. As you see in the above diagram the Input of the electronic Choke is connected to the Switch Board for Power Supply.