What is type mismatch error?

What is type mismatch error?

Type Mismatch (Error 13) occurs when you try to specify a value to a variable that doesn’t match with its data type. In VBA, when you declare a variable you need to define its data type, and when you specify a value that is different from that data type you get the type mismatch error 13.

How do I get rid of Runtime Error 13?

The methods to fix Excel runtime error 13 are as follows:

  1. Fix 1: Make use of the ‘Open and Repair’ utility.
  2. Fix 2: Uninstall the ‘error causing program’
  3. Limitations.
  4. Fix 3: Use Stellar Repair for Excel.

What is type mismatch error in Excel VBA?

A VBA Type Mismatch Error occurs when you try to assign a value between two different variable types. The error appears as “run-time error 13 – Type mismatch”. For example, if you try to place text in a Long integer variable or you try to place text in a Date variable. Let’s look at a concrete example.

What are the types of errors occurred in Excel VBA?

Types of VBA Errors in Excel Syntax Error. A syntax error, as the name suggests, occurs when VBA finds something wrong with the syntax in the code. Compile Error. Compile errors occur when something is missing that is needed for the code to run. Run Time Errors. Runtime errors are those that occur when the code is running. Logical Errors.

What is error 13 in Excel VBA?

Main Factors Behind Microsoft Visual Basic Runtime Error 13 Type Mismatch in Excel Runtime Error 13 occurs due to conflicts between the program and operating system When a macro is clicked on by the user or a missing menu function from the Excel file Corrupted/ damaged registry or incomplete installation of Microsoft Excel software Virus or malware attack that corrupts the Excel related or Windows system files

What is variable in VBA Excel?

Variable Scope. The scope of a variable in Excel VBA determines where that variable may be used. You determine the scope of a variable when you declare it. There are three scoping levels: procedure level, module level, and public module level.

What is macro error in Excel?

The Macro Error message appears when there is an error in the macro that you were running. The specified method cannot be used on the specified object for one of the following reasons: An argument contains a value that is not valid. A common cause of this problem is trying to gain access to an object that does not exist; for example,…