What is YLC conference?

What is YLC conference?

YLC is a residential conference where youth from all over the country interact and network with each other and leading personalities from the world of business, development, politics, academia and culture.

How do I join YLC?

YLC membership is open to all individuals. Voting members must be between the ages of 21 to 42….Whether you’re a part of a small business or large corporation, we have pricing options for you!

  1. Bronze Corporate: $500 annually.
  2. Silver Corporate: $1,000 annually.
  3. Gold Corporate: $2,000 annually.

What is YLC about?

Youth Lead the Change (YLC) is a global youth leadership development program that empowers students to unlock their leadership potential by developing tangible solutions to global problems. Students also have the opportunity to earn funding and support to implement their project after the YLC camp ends.

What does ISB look for in Ylp?

ISB looks for the following qualities in your YLP application and candidature: Academic and analytical prowess. Leadership potential. Extra-curricular activities.

Is it difficult to get into Harvard YLC?

(We have limited seats for the program and the admission is highly competitive. We receive more than 4000 applications for 125 student cohort.)

What is the application fee for ISB Ylp?

Application Information

Application Fee Re-Application Fee
Round 1 $70 $35
Round 2 $105 $35
Round 3 $140 $70

Which is better IIM or ISB?

If you consider the FT Global MBA rankings 2021, ISB does rank higher than IIM, however the response to IIM vs ISB would be different for every individual. An applicant can consider the following inputs while evaluating IIM vs ISB for their profiles on the basis of the following criteria: 1.

Who is eligible for ISB Ylp?

Here are the eligibility requirements for ISB YLP Program: The applicant should be currently studying in a college/university. The applicant should be in the pre-final or final year of their program. Those with zero work experience are also eligible for the ISB YLP program.

What GMAT score is required for ISB Ylp?

However, you would need to go beyond 720 if your extra-curricular achievements are not that solid. Understand that the lower the work experience, the higher the GMAT score you should target. Hence, if you are a YLP or an Early Entry (EEO) candidate, you should aim for a 720+ on the GMAT.