What kind of genes does IRF7 encode?

What kind of genes does IRF7 encode?

IRF7 encodes interferon regulatory factor 7, a member of the interferon regulatory transcription factor (IRF) family. IRF7 has been shown to play a role in the transcriptional activation of virus-inducible cellular genes, including interferon beta chain genes.

What is the role of IRF7 in systemic sclerosis?

IRF7 region is an anticentromere autoantibody propensity locus in systemic sclerosis. Vaccinia virus protein C6 inhibits the activation of IRF7 by TBK1- and IKKepsilon-dependent pathways. The ubiquitin E3 ligase activity of tripartite motif-containing (TRIM)28 protein is specific to IRF7.

What is the role of interferon regulatory factor 7?

phosphorylation-mediated IRF7 transactivation is controlled by a tripod-helix structure. Interferon regulatory factor (IRF)-3 and -7 are the key transcriptional factors for the induction of IL-28A and IL-28B genes, whereas NF-kappaB is an additional requirement for the induction of the IL-29 gene.

What does hypomethylation of the IRF7 promoter do?

Hypomethylation of the IRF7 promoter might play a role in systemic sclerosis pathogenesis, probably through promoting the IRF7 expression in PBMCs of patients with SSc.

What are the roles of IRF3, IRF5 and IRF7?

Transcription factors IRF3, IRF5 and IRF7 (IRF3/5/7) have overlapping, yet distinct, roles in the mammalian response to pathogens. To examine the role that DNA-binding specificity plays in delineating IRF3/5/7-specific gene regulation we used protein-binding microarrays (PBMs) to characterize the DN …

Which is the closest family member to IRF7?

IRF3 is the closest family member to IRF7; together they are key regulators of the type I IFN (IFNα/β) responses, which are central to both innate and adaptive immunity. 18

What is the role of IRF5 in lung cancer?

IRF5 and IRF7 are key transcription factors in interferon pathway that determine viral sensitivity of lung cancer cells.