What methods of fabric testing is approved by the FAA?

What methods of fabric testing is approved by the FAA?

An approximate strength test can be made with an FAA-approved fabric punch tester, but the only way to know for sure that the fabric has sufficient strength is by pull-testing a one-inch-wide sample of the fabric. Why are some portions of the structure of an aircraft dope proofed before they are covered with fabric?

What is poly fiber material?

Polyester is a category of polymers that contain the ester functional group in every repeat unit of their main chain. Polyester fibers are sometimes spun together with natural fibers to produce a cloth with blended properties. Cotton-polyester blends can be strong, wrinkle- and tear-resistant, and reduce shrinking.

What is poly fiber fabric?

Poly-Fiber is the only all-VINYL system on the market today. As it dries, it bonds extremely well to today’s polyester fabrics and remains flexible. Poly-Fiber is one of the lightest systems available. Only eight coats are used. There are lightweight options, too.

Why is Ceconite the best fabric for aircraft?

Its large filament size and high strength provide excellent resistance to rock penetration and tearing, characteristics required for trouble-free bush and agricultural operations. It is suitable for all aircraft where a very tough, durable, low elongation, high-tension fabric is required.

Is there a trend for eco textile testing?

Eco Textile Testing – The trend of green consumerism has extended to textile and apparel products. Major European and U.S. textile product buyers have responded to this public awareness by viewing their textile products from an ecological standpoint, and are establishing relevant requirements.

Why do we need Intertek for textile testing?

Partner with Intertek for your textile testing needs to assure compliance with changing governmental safety regulations and to meet increasing consumer demand for high-quality textiles and apparel, while minimizing risk and protecting the interests of brands, retailers, suppliers and consumers.

How long does it take to get fabric test results?

Our services and testing procedures are recognized for accuracy and reliability throughout the fabric industry. With our extensive inventory of laboratory equipment, we are able to offer you the most comprehensive range of testing services in the market. Most test results can be faxed or e-mailed to you within five working days.