What show did DeRay Davis host?

What show did DeRay Davis host?

Mind of a Man
He hosted his first game show, Mind of a Man, on Game Show Network, and later appeared on the Oxygen reality show Living with Funny. He is also the host of the revival of Hip Hop Squares produced & narrated by Ice Cube.

How much did DeRay Davis make from Netflix?

This includes comedian DeRay Davis, who has his own Netflix Special. While on a Baller Alert post on the subject, DeRay left a shade-filled comment criticizing. Within the comment, he revealed he received $5 million from Netflix, and jokingly said he should ask for $12 million next time.

How old is DeRay the comedian?

39 years (February 26, 1982)
DeRay Davis/Age

Who is Deray Davis girlfriend?

Coco Crawford
Caro Peguero
DeRay Davis/Partner

Who is DeRay girlfriend?

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What kind of TV shows does DeRay Davis do?

He has starred in many stand-up specials including DERAY DAVIS: POWERPLAY on Showtime, HBO’S DEF COMEDY JAM, BET’S COMICVIEW, and COMEDY CENTRAL PRESENTS as well as being a series regular on the hit MTV series WILD N OUT and performing the comedy skits on Kanye West’s LPs “Late Registration” and “The College Dropout”.

Who is DeRay Davis from the Hustle Guy?

DeRay Davis is an actor and also a stand-up comedian who hails from Chicago, USA. Also, DeRay Davis’s younger brother is the R&B singer, Steph Jones. The actor is popular for his presence in the Hustle Guy in Barbershop and also in Barbershop 2: Back in Business.

How old was DeRay Davis when he died?

DeRay Davis. Born. Antoine DeRay Davis. (1968-02-26) February 26, 1968 (age 50) Chicago, Illinois, U.S.

How many followers does DeRay Davis have on Instagram?

On Instagram, Davis has managed to gain 1.2 million followers. Whereas on Twitter, he has gained 829.9 thousand followers. Likewise, Davis also has 647 thousand followers on his Facebook page as of April 2021. Davis obviously attracts people from his comedy talents and has successfully attracted millions of people.