What sort of wine is Mataro?

What sort of wine is Mataro?

red wine grape
Mataro is a red wine grape with a long history in Australia, but it has never been well known. A staple of South Australian red blends, where it is usually partnered with shiraz and grenache, mataro is sometimes known these days by its French name “mourvedre”.

What does Mataro taste like?

Mataro taste and aromas Wild game and/or earthy notes, with soft red fruit flavours, blueberry, plums, currants and cherries, with spicy notes such as gingerbread and Chinese five-spice, alongside subtle savoury characteristics.

Is Mataro a full-bodied wine?

Mataro as a single-varietal is a meaty and full-bodied red wine. It is packed full of aromas of dark fruit (blueberry, blackberry and plum), violet, black pepper, herbs such as thyme and meat. Mataro is full-bodied and often high in alcohol with a dark purple colour.

Is Mataro the same as Mourvedre?

Mourvèdre. Thought to have originated in Spain and a major variety of the Rhône region, this meaty, rustic and full-bodied red variety is known by not one, but three names – Mataro, Mourvédre and Monastrell. In Australia it’s referred to as both Mataro and Mourvédre, while the Spanish often call it Monastrell.

What is Mourvedre wine similar to?

Teaches Wine Appreciation. The Spanish Mourvèdre grape commonly features in French blends like Bandol, Châteauneuf-du-Pape, and Côtes du Rhône.

What kind of red grape is Mataro grape?

The Mourvedre grape, popularly known as the Mataro grape, is one of the most popularly known red grape varieties.

Is the Mataro still used in wine making?

However, when the magic (almost uniquely Australian) combination of Cabernet Sauvignon-Shiraz became popular, the faithful Mataro workhorse was pretty much put out to pasture. It didn’t disappear altogether… several premium producers still used Mataro, and its old vines and distinctive character were still prized by many.

What kind of vine is called Mataro in Australia?

Australia (and California) had long had old plantings of a vine regarded as rather rustic called Mataro.

What kind of wine is Mataro Dark Horse?

Mataro is indeed a ‘characterful’ wine. Winemaker Tim Smith from Tim Smith Wines finds, among other things, earthy, gamey, feral, gingerbread, Chinese five-spice, and savoury characters. Blood and bone, flesh and musk are feature descriptions too.