What to Do While Movers Are Moving

What to Do While Movers Are Moving

You have planned to move to a new location and you have also set up a date for your move. Not only this, you have also planned on hiring a moving company to help you with the transportation of your goods.

If you are moving cross country or to a different state, you can hire long distance movers or you can also find long distance movers Chicago to help you make your move around a couple of blocks.

Once you have hired a professional moving company, all you have you do is wait for your moving date and the company staff and professionals will take care of everything for you.

Hiring a professional for relocating is a smart choice and now that the moving date is getting closer, you might find yourself wondering what can you do while the movers are doing their job?

Well, to ease this thought, here we have compiled a list of things that you can do, while the movers are moving.

Give a tour of the house

Once the packers and movers arrive at your place, give them a tour of your home while they unload their supplies.

Giving them a tour of each room in the house will give you the opportunity to point out the valuable items that you would like them to pay extra care to.

Be present in your home on moving day so that you can easily voice concerns while the professionals are doing their job.

You can also help them on creating an inventory as to what items to take and what to discard.

Pack fragile items in your car

While you can absolutely trust a reputable moving company to do their job, there are certain fragile items or items of sentimental value that you would like to handle yourself.

While the movers do their job, you can pack your fragile items and valuables like jewelry, tiny electronics and artworks and load them in your car.

This way you don’t have to worry about this items and let the movers focus on the other packing and lifting stuff.

Offer refreshments

Moving includes a lot of physical activity. From packing to lifting and loading the truck to unloading, there is a lot of physical labor involved.

It can be quite physically demanding even for professional movers especially in the hotter months.

I nice way to appreciate the movers is to offer them refreshments. Be it a snack or a cold drink, this shows that you appreciate all the hard work that you are putting in moving your stuff and snacks can also keep them fueled up for the entire day of the move.

Help the movers to save time

While the movers don’t need any kind of supervision in doing their job. However your presence is required for you to sign certain papers and review the packing process.

Keep your pets away

If you have pets at your home. Keep them away from the packing area or else it could get quite chaotic.

Keep your pet in a different room on moving day or you can also leave them with a friend or neighbour and pick them up later once the movers have done their job.

Wrapping it up

Hiring professional movers can get your job done in very short duration of time. Now that you have read the article, you have a fair idea what to do when the moves arrive and the things you should be prepared with to make the best out of your move.