What type of cheese is Mobay?

What type of cheese is Mobay?

Mobay is a semi-soft mixed milk cheese crafted from pasteurized sheep’s and goat’s milk. It is cheesemaker Sid Cook’s version of the French cheese Morbier, brought to life at Carr Valley Cheese Co., Wisconsin.

What does Mobay cheese taste like?

A semi-firm cheese, Mobay is rustic yet mild. On one side you have the bright and tangy side of the goat’s milk, that is perfectly balanced out with the sweet and grassy side of the sheep’s milk.

How is Mobay cheese made?

It uses two different types of cows’ milk to create two separate layers of cheese. One layer is made up of morning milk, and the second layer is made up of cows’ milk from the afternoon milking. Semi-soft Mobay cheese melts well, and can be crumbled atop pizzas and pastas.

How do you eat Mobay cheese?

Mobay cheese is actually two cheeses in one. Half of the wedge is goat’s milk cheese and the other half is made from sheep’s milk. Each side is separated by a thin layer of grape vine ash. You can eat one side or the other or eat them in combination for an even more complex taste.

Does Trader Joe’s sell blue cheese?

Trader Joe’s Cave-Aged Blue Cheese TJ’s well-priced raw-milk blue ($6.99 per pound) is aged more than 60 days and hits all the right notes for blue cheese lovers: grassy, salty, rich, and so, so luscious. Toss it in a salad, melt it on a burger or make a super blue cheese dressing.

Does Trader Joe’s have goat cheese?

Trader Joe’s has all different types of goat cheese, from classic creamy goat cheese to flavors like cranberry and blackberry. All types of goat cheese sold at TJs is rich, creamy, and perfect on crackers, salads, or just by itself.

Does Trader Joe’s have sheep cheese?

Thorpe was quick to sing the praises of Trader Joe’s sheep’s milk cheese selection. Sheep produce rich, fatty milk for a shorter period of time than cows or goats, which makes their milk — and the nutty, delicious cheese that comes from it — more expensive.

What is the price of Trader Joe’s unexpected cheddar?

For less than $5, this 7-ounce block delivers artisanal quality. This particular product was so “unexpected” due to its surprisingly complex flavor profile. When I first tried it, this cheddar reminded me of the kind of cheese I’d find on the menu at a wine bar for double the price.

Where does Trader Joe’s cheese come from?

Trader Joe’s – Product detail page Individually, cheese made from goat’s milk and cheese made from sheep’s milk are fantastic: goat’s milk cheese is typically creamy and elegant, with a soft texture and dry aftertaste, while sheep’s milk cheese is often savory and firm, with a smooth texture and a light nuttiness.

Where is Trader Joe’s blue cheese made?

the US
Trader Joe’s Crumbled Blue Cheese While we don’t know who produces this cheese, but we do know that it’s made in the US from raw cow’s milk, aged 60 days and rates a top pick. Those who normally find blue cheese too tangy won’t with this one. It’s creamy and salty but doesn’t overpower.