What weapon is in Vault 111?

What weapon is in Vault 111?

The weapon we’re talking about is the Cryolator and it is stored in Vault 111 (it’s the location where you’ve started the game).

Are there any bobby pins in Vault 111?

Sometimes found in Vault 111 in one of the lockers or the overseer’s desk. Sold by most traders such as Trashcan Carla and Trudy. Often found in wall bathroom mirrors, especially in Sanctuary Hills and Vault 95.

Does Vault 111 have anything special?

Notable Loot A storage cage in the Vault Door room contains a Master Locked cage with the Cryolater, a unique freezing gun.

Is the Cryolater a heavy weapon?

The Cryolator is a heavy gun in Fallout 76.

Where can I find bobby pins in Fallout 3?


  • In merchants’ inventories.
  • On the dead bodies of feral ghouls, raiders, and other enemies.
  • On tables inside intact houses across the Capital Wasteland.
  • In first aid boxes.
  • In safes or other places where one has to pick the lock.
  • In some cash registers.

What does Vault 111 look like in Fallout?

Vault 111 uses a different design for its corridors giving them a more tube-like appearance, and the doors look bulkier than the doors in other Vaults. During the pre-War portion of the game, the news anchor on the TV notes that there are still openings in Vault 111.

What kind of weapons can you get in Vault 111?

Two security batons and two 10mm pistols can be found in Vault 111. What makes these weapons unique is that they will always automatically be equipped when picked up, even if they are modified and renamed at a weapon modding station. Four stimpaks can be found in Vault 111.

How to disable the vault door in Fallout 4?

If the problem persists, press the ~ key, then type “tcl” without quotes and press ~ again. No-clip through the door and be on your merry way. When you are done fooling around in the sky repeat the code while near the ground. Hit the console command key (~) while looking at the vault door, click on the door, and type disable.

Who are the staff members of Vault 111?

Vault 111’s staff consisted of an overseer and a small team of scientists, security guards and facility maintenance personnel employed on a short-term basis.