What were the 7 things in 7 pounds?

What were the 7 things in 7 pounds?

This event produces immense guilt in Tim and he looks for redemption by transforming the lives of seven people. Tim donates a lung lobe to his brother, Ben (an IRS employee), a liver to a woman named Holly (a social services worker), a kidney to George (a hockey coach), and bone marrow to a young boy named Nicholas.

What is the movie Seven Pounds with Will Smith about?

Ben Thomas is a man on a mission. Giving vital parts of his body to those desperately in need of a donor. Ben meets Emily Posa, a beautiful young woman at risk from a deadly heart condition. As Ben falls for Emily and begins to open up to her, it becomes clear there is something dark in his past that compels him to commit these apparent random acts of kindness.
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What was wrong with Will Smith in Seven Pounds?

He had a failed bone-marrow transplant for Leukemia and begs for an extension on his IRS debt.

Is 7 pounds based on a true story?

I don’t believe that it was based on a true story. Smith said, “This is more like the old-school music tours. But “Seven Pounds” — which was written by Grant Nierporte and directed by Gabriele Muccino — is all too real. Seven Pounds is based on an original script by Grant Nieporte.

What did the note say in seven pounds?

Near the end of “Seven Pounds” a carefully laminated piece of paper appears, on which someone has written, “DO NOT TOUCH THE JELLYFISH.” I wouldn’t dream of it, and I’ll take the message as a warning not to divulge the astonishing things that happen, not all of them involving aquatic creatures.

Why is 7 pounds called 7 pounds?

“Seven Pounds” opens with Will Smith making a phone call. The title “Seven Pounds” refers to the Shakespearean pound-of-flesh metaphor, meaning a figurative debt that needs to be paid back. Smith plays Ben Thomas, a man who feels the need to do good things in order to compensate for a tragic past event.

What did Will Smith give his brother in seven pounds?

Now extremely depressed and masquerading as his brother Ben, he plans to end his life and donate his organs (7 pounds’ worth) and his home to seven worthy recipients. He gives his bone marrow, a kidney, a lobe of his liver and a lobe of his lung while still alive.

What did Will Smith give his brother in Seven Pounds?

What is Ben’s secret in Seven Pounds?

Ben’s brother arrives, revealing he is the real IRS agent Ben Thomas; “Ben” is actually Tim, who stole his brother’s identity temporarily.

Why seven pounds is called Seven pounds?

The title is a reference to William Shakespeare’s play “The Merchant of Venice”, in which the merchant, Antonio, agrees to give the moneylender, Shylock, a pound of his flesh if his debt is not paid on time. Seven is the number of “debts” in the plot.

How much does a human heart weigh 7 pounds?

The organs transplanted don’t quite add up to 7 pounds. “A lobe of the liver is about 2 pounds, but the kidney and a lobe of the lung are only a quarter-pound each, and the heart is only a pound,” says Dr.