When did Colleen get married?

When did Colleen get married?

2018 (Erik Stocklin)
July 2, 2015 (Joshua David Evans)
Colleen Ballinger/Wedding dates

Who is Colleen married to?

Erik Stocklinm. 2018
Joshua David Evansm. 2015–2016
Colleen Ballinger/Spouse
Ballinger has also published two best-selling books, written in Miranda’s voice, Selp-Helf (2015) and My Diarrhe (2018). She is married to actor Erik Stocklin.

Are Colleen and Erik legally married?

Colleen Ballinger and Erik Stocklin 2018 was a busy one for Ballinger. “This year i got pregnant, engaged and married, all in the same year. Yeah, we got married … The former Haters Back Off star didn’t reveal any other details about her wedding to Stocklin, whom she met on the set of the now-cancelled Netflix show.

Did Colleen Ballinger have a wedding?

Colleen Ballinger is a married woman! The 32-year-old Haters Back Off star revealed that she secretly married her boyfriend, Erik Stocklin, in 2018. This year I got pregnant and engaged and married all in the same year — yeah, we got married. Oops, forgot to tell you that one.”

Did Colleen and Danny break up?

After giving up the Iron Fist and amicably splitting from Colleen, Danny decided to set out to Asia to uncover the true history of the Iron Fist. After all, someone shipped the corpse of an old Iron Fist to Davos.

How long have Colleen and Erik been together?

Personal life. Stocklin began dating Colleen Ballinger, his co-star from Haters Back Off, by early 2018. The couple wed later the same year, and their son, Flynn Timothy, was born on December 10, 2018.

Who is Joshua Evans wife?

Pamela Rose Rodriguezm. 2018
Colleen Ballingerm. 2015–2016
Joshua David Evans/Wife

Was Colleen Ballinger’s husband in Vampire Diaries?

Freehold, New Jersey, U.S. Erik Flynn Stocklin (born September 24, 1982) is an American actor….Filmography.

Year 2011
Title The Vampire Diaries
Role Stevie
Notes 1 episode

Is Erik Stocklin married?

Colleen Ballingerm. 2018
Erik Stocklin/Spouse

Who is Danny Rand’s girlfriend?

Colleen Wing
An Ultimate Marvel version of Colleen Wing appears in Ultimate Spider-Man #110 as the wife of Danny Rand.

Who was Colleen Ballinger married to before Miranda Sings?

Colleen Ballinger was previously married to her first husband Joshua Evans; The Youtuber is currently married to her second husband Erik Stocklin; Colleen Ballinger AKA Miranda Sings – Her Career and Net Worth

Who is Colleen Ballinger from Haters Back Off married to?

Colleen Ballinger married her second husband Erik Stocklin in 2018. Following her divorce with Joshua, Colleen Ballinger and actor Erik Stocklin bumped into each other in 2016. The Youtuber had cast him to play the romantic partner of Miranda in the Netflix series Haters Back Off. By early 2018, the couple had already begun dating.

Who is Joshua Evans and Colleen Ballinger married to?

Colleen Ballinger and Joshua David Evans have tied the knot. (Photo: Britta Hundertmark ) Colleen Ballinger has officially tied the knot with Joshua David Evans in a “surprise” #Joshleen wedding.

Who is the actress that plays Miranda Sings?

Ballinger gained her biggest fame upon creating the original Netflix series based on her character Miranda Sings. The show titled Haters Back Off ran for two seasons in 2016 and 2017. A couple of years later, she starred as Miranda in the Netflix comedy special. Watch: MY FAMILY! (MUSIC VIDEO)