When did jeffs shed open?

When did jeffs shed open?

Jeff Kennett has a long history with the centre. He officially opened the exhibition building on 14 February 1996. That’s why many in Melbourne fondly refer to our site as ‘Jeff’s shed’.

Why is it called jeffs shed?

The Melbourne Exhibition Centre was opened on 14 February 1996 and is known colloquially as “Jeff’s Shed” after the then Victorian Premier, Jeff Kennett.

How big is jeffs shed?

The 70,000 square metre centre, which dominates the South Bank of the Yarra at the western edge of Melbourne’s CBD, was built in 1995 and earned its nickname for the complex’s distinctive appearance and for Mr Kennett’s decision to abandon plans for a museum on the site and build a convention centre instead.

How big is mcec?

Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) is the home of unconventional. At MCEC we do things a little differently. We bring fresh ideas and imagination to every event….Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre – MCEC.

Facility Details
Exhibits Space
Exhibits 39000
Total Sq. M 70000
Reception Capacity 1660

When was the Melbourne exhibition Building built?

Royal Exhibition Building/Constructions started
The Royal Exhibition Building was built in Melbourne’s Carlton Gardens during 1879 and 1880 for the 1880 Melbourne International Exhibition. It subsequently hosted Melbourne’s second international exhibition, the 1888 Centennial International Exhibition.

When was Carlton built?

July 1864, Carlton, Australia
Carlton Football Club/Founded

When did Carlton win their last premiership?

The 1995 grand final was won by Carlton by a margin of 61 points. It was Carlton’s 16th premiership victory, making it the most successful club in the league’s history.

Why is Carlton called the Baggers?

From research around that era, we understand that Carlton was once colloquially called ‘The Butchers’ owing to the cream chamois colour our guernseys became over time, which resembled the colour of a Butcher’s attire.

When did Collingwood last won a grand final?

1958 is Collingwood’s last September premiership as of 2018; the 1990 and 2010 premierships were won in October due to drawn finals (both involving Collingwood), which are no longer possible, and Collingwood have won only two (and drawn two) of the sixteen Grand Finals they have appeared in since their 1958 premiership …