When was the last Fleetwood Mac concert in Boston?

When was the last Fleetwood Mac concert in Boston?

Live in Boston is a live performance video/music album by British-American rock band Fleetwood Mac, released on 15 June 2004. The concert was filmed on 23–24 September 2003 at the FleetCenter (now known as the TD Garden) in Boston, Massachusetts during the group’s Say You Will Tour.

Is Fleetwood Mac playing in Boston?

Going Their Own Way in Fall 2019! If you live in New England and love great classic rock, then you won’t want to miss out on the Fleetwood Mac Boston concert that’s coming to the TD Garden in 2019!

Did Christine McVie play with Fleetwood Mac in Boston?

Last night at the TD Garden, after a 16-year absence, Christine McVie returned to Boston as a member of Fleetwood Mac. After opening with “The Chain” (the obvious, perfect choice), a clear-voiced Christine hit into “You Make Loving Fun.” Immediately, the crowd roared.

Who sings the song you can go your own way?

Fleetwood Mac
Go Your Own Way/Artists

When did Christine McVie join Fleetwood Mac?

Christine Anne McVie (née Perfect; born 12 July 1943) is an English singer, songwriter, and keyboardist, and one of the three lead vocalists and the keyboardist of Fleetwood Mac, which she joined in 1970. She has also released three solo albums….Singles.

Year 2004
Song “Friend”
U.S. AC 29
Album In the Meantime

Did Lindsey Buckingham wrote Go Your Own Way about Stevie Nicks?

Lindsey Buckingham
Go Your Own Way/Composers

Is Lindsey Buckingham a good singer?

Though perhaps not as renowned for his voice as much as his overall musicianship, Lindsey’s voice is still extremely solid, and has held up very well even into his 70s. Quiet low singing initially, but more potent higher singing later on. Great late career performance – his belting is still intact!