Where can I buy Sincerely Jules?

Where can I buy Sincerely Jules?

The Sincerely Jules for Bandier collection ranges in price from $38 to $98 and will be available on Amazon and at Bandier stores and online. The collaboration is part of Bandier’s partnership with Amazon from earlier this year under which the brand’s private label offerings are sold through Amazon.

Where does Sincerely Jules live?

When Julie Sariñana founded her blog,, in February 2009 while she was a student at FIDM to showcase her personal style, she became one of the first fashion influencers. Now with nearly 6 million followers on Instagram, the Los Angeles-based creative has kept up her following for over a decade.

How much does Sincerely Jules weight?

An Overview to Julie Sarinana’s Early life: Julie Sarinana was born in Durango, Mexico, on January 9, 1986. Her height is 5’2″ while her weight is about 57 kg. She maintained her figure well. She is like a treat to everyone’s eyes whenever she gets all dolled up with her unique yet so attractive fashion sense.

How did Sincerely Jules start?

As I always say DREAM, BELIEVE, ACHIEVE! I launched my blog in 2009 while attending FIDM where I studied Visual Communications. At the time, I was also interning at WGSN, assisting a few celebrity stylists, working a 9-5, and attending college. It was a lot!

How old is Julie Sarinana?

35 years (January 9, 1986)
Julie Sariñana/Age

Is Jules a guy or girls name?

Jules Origin and Meaning The name Jules is a girl’s name of Latin origin meaning “youthful; soft, downy”. TV personality Jules Asner made this middle-aged male name suddenly seem young and fresh and female, after having been an off-the radar-nickname for Julia and Julie.

Is Sincerely Jules engaged?

When she announced her engagement to fiancé Kevin Berruer with a close-up of her simple, sparkling diamond, we immediately predicted an effortless bridal look in her future.

Is Julie sariñana married?

Jules Sariñana, a.k.a. Sincerely Jules, is one of the most successful fashion influencers out there. Since meeting her husband Kevin in 2015, they’ve worked together to create all the content that reaches her 5.6 million followers.