Where can I camp for free in NSW?

Where can I camp for free in NSW?

Here are all of the best free camping spots in NSW.

  • Ingar Campground. Blue Mountains.
  • Newnes Campground. Wollemi National Park.
  • Bretti Reserve. Bretti.
  • Coxs Creek Campground. Coolah Tops National Park.
  • Swans Creek Crossing. Lorne (NEAR PORT MACQUARIE)
  • Ellenborough Reserve.
  • Wingello State Forest.
  • Humes Crossing Campground.

Can u camp on beaches in NSW?

Top coastal campgrounds Pitch your tent or park your caravan at one of these popular beachside campgrounds in NSW national parks. Wake up with the waves at Little Beach campground on the Central Coast, or camp by the sweeping coastline of Crowdy Bay National Park near Port Macquarie.

Can you camp anywhere in NSW?

Designated camping areas within NSW national parks vary from park to park, and bush camping is permitted in some national parks. Check if there’s any park alerts or closures before you go. Download the Emergency Plus app to your mobile or satellite phone. Drinking water isn’t available at most campgrounds.

What beaches can you camp on in Sydney?

Here are our picks for the top 10 best beach camping spots in NSW.

  1. Honeymoon Bay, Jervis Bay.
  2. Diamond Head, Crowdy Bay National Park.
  3. Woody Head, Far North Coast.
  4. Mystery Bay, South Coast.
  5. Little Beach Campground, Central Coast.
  6. Saltwater Creek, Ben Boyd National Park.
  7. Depot Beach, Murramarang National Park.

Where are you allowed to camp in NSW?

Free Camping in NSW

  • Mamanga campground. Camp on the banks of Murrumbidgee River at Mamanga campground, located near Balranald in Yanga National Park, part of Murrumbidgee Valley.
  • Yolde campground.
  • Newnes campground.
  • Thredbo Diggings campground.
  • New Country Swamp campground.
  • Holy Camp.

Where are the best beachside camping spots in NSW?

Top 5 beachside camping spots in NSW. 1 1. Best Remote Beach Camping in NSW. Right between Coffs Harbour and Yamba you can get back to nature and pitch your tent at Pebbly Beach in Yuraygir 2 2. Best free beach camping in NSW. 3 3. Best Beach Cabins In NSW. 4 4. Best Beach Camping Northern NSW. 5 5. best beach camping near Sydney.

Are there any free campsites in New South Wales?

Finding Free Campsites in New South Wales is not difficult, in fact, free camping in New South Wales, is easy using our site. We have many free NSW campgrounds listed, complete with maps and photos for you to look at. You will definitely be spoilt for choice.

Where to camp on the Central Coast of NSW?

Wake up with the waves at Little Beach campground, near Gosford on the NSW Central Coast. You can go surfing, bushwalking or fishing while camping right by the sand. Mid-range. Park entry fees apply. Enjoy bush camping by the beach at Bittangabee campground on the far south coast.

Is it illegal to camp on the beach in NSW?

If you’re travelling in a campervan or with a camper trailer know that it’s illegal to park overnight at any of Sydney’s beaches and fines do apply. But, if you’re ready to explore the pretty NSW beaches and are willing to pay a small price for the pleasure, simply fill up your tank and take your pick from the best beach camping in NSW. 1.