Where do I send my Sallie Mae deferment form?

Where do I send my Sallie Mae deferment form?

Please complete the following information and return all documentation to us via fax: 855-756-0011; mail: Sallie Mae, P.O. Box 3319, Wilmington, DE 19804-4319; or online: log in to your account at and select the Secure Document upload link located on the Forms page.

Does Sallie Mae allow deferment?

When you request a deferment of a Sallie Mae undergraduate student loan, you won’t have to make principal and interest payments while you’re in school or during your internship, clerkship, fellowship, or residency. Any extra interest payments you can make while you’re in deferment can help lower the Total Loan Cost.

How do you get into a school deferment?

How to Request In-School Deferment

  1. Complete forms: Download the In-school Deferment Request Form from the federal government’s student financial aid website, fill it out, and then send it to your loan servicer.
  2. Verify enrollment: Your loan servicer will verify that you are enrolled at least half-time.

How do I upload documents to Sallie Mae?

Please complete the following information and return all documentation to us one of the following ways: log into your account at, go to the Forms page, and select the Secure Document Upload link; fax to 844- 822-1121; or mail to Sallie Mae, P.O. Box 3319, Wilmington, DE 19804-4319.

Can private student loans be deferred?

The short answer: No, you can’t defer private student loans in the traditional sense. But the long answer is much more nuanced. Many private lenders offer some form of assistance if you experience an economic hardship. Some private lenders even provide special programs to help borrowers who are in financial distress.

What does an in school deferment mean?

A deferment is a temporary pause to your student loan payments for specific situations such as active duty military service and reenrollment in school. You can receive a deferment on Federal Student Loans for a certain defined period.

How many credits do I need to take to defer student loans?

You are enrolled in school at least half-time–in which case you can almost always defer the payments on your student loans. Half-time status is defined as follows: Undergraduate: 6 credit hours of study in a term. Graduate: 3 credit hours of study in a term.

How does Sallie Mae disburse student loans?

Direct to Student Disbursement. There are some colleges and universities that allow Sallie Mae funds to be disbursed directly to the student. In this case, the school would receive the funds initially and then issue a check, execute an electronic transfer, pay the amount out in cash or sign over the Sallie Mae check to the student or beneficiary.

Can You bankrupt a Sallie Mae student loan?

If you come to the point that you can’t pay your debts as they come due, filing for bankruptcy may be an option to solve your problem. By doing so, you can discharge many of your unsecured debts. However, barring extreme circumstances, you can’t discharge defaulted Sallie Mae student loans through bankruptcy.

Can Sallie Mae student loans be forgiven?

Sallie Mae ( Student Loan Marketing Association) loans issued by SLM Corporation ( SLM) cannot be forgiven. As of 2017, there is no option for private student loan forgiveness, but there are options for public student loan forgiveness. If a person needs relief from his Sallie Mae loans,…

Is Sallie Mae student loan tax deductible?

Sallie Mae educational loans can qualify for the student loan interest tax deduction. You can only include qualified education expenses under a Sallie Mae loan. Tuition and fees top the IRS list of qualified education expenses.