Where is Bechtel construction company located?

Where is Bechtel construction company located?

Bechtel Corporation (/ˈbɛktəl/) is an American engineering, procurement, construction, and project management company founded in San Francisco, California, and headquartered in Reston, Virginia. It is the largest construction company in the United States….Bechtel.

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What type of company is Bechtel?

construction and project management company
Founded in 1898, Bechtel is a global engineering, construction and project management company. The company works on projects that range from civil infrastructure, power, telecommunications and government services. Brendan Bechtel is the fifth generation of the family to run the company.

Who are Bechtel competitors?

Bechtel competitors include Kiewit Corporation, Koch Industries, Fluor Corporation, KBR and BWX Technologies, Inc..

How much is Riley Bechtel worth?

3 billion USD (2021)
Riley P. Bechtel/Net worth

Who owns Bechtel Corporation?

Bechtel Group, Inc.
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How old is Riley Bechtel?

69 years (March 25, 1952)
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Where is the corporate headquarters of Bechtel Corporation?

Bechtel Corporate Headquarters. 12011 Sunset Hills Road. Reston. VA. 20190-5918. USA. Tel: +1 571 392 6300.

Who are the Bechtel partners for the Sepulveda Transit Corridor?

Sepulveda Transit Corridor Partners, a US-led team comprising Bechtel, Meridiam Infrastructure and American Triple I Partners, will start developing an innovative and transformative solution for the Sepulveda Transit Corridor Project. Want to become a Bechtel supplier? Find out more.

What does Bechtel do for stem returners Australia?

Bechtel partnership with STEM Returners Australia will increase diversity in STEM professions by supporting professionals returning to STEM careers.