Where is the Ontario RAT 3 made?

Where is the Ontario RAT 3 made?

The Ontario RAT 3 fixed blade knife is made in the USA.

Where are rat knives made?

General Dimensions and Blade Details The Rat II is 7″ long, has a 3″ blade, weighs 2.75 ounces, and is made in Taiwan. This is a great size for urban EDC.

Is Ontario knife good?

The blade grind is very good and the weight while heavy does lend very well to chopping, The blade material and quality are what you would expect from Ontario, quality you can rely on. I do wish they had a version with a hand and a half handle or at least removable handles so I could make my own.

Is s30v better than 1095?

s30v offers excellent corrosion resistance than 1095 high carbon steel. s30v also offers better edge retention. Overall, s30v would make a great choice for a folder while 1095 will be best suited for making larger knives for use in camping, hiking, bushcraft, and so on.

Is there a warranty on the Ontario rat 3 knife?

The Rat 3 comes with the Ontario Knife Limited Lifetime Warranty. Basically Ontario will replace this knife if it ever fails due to faulty materials or faulty workmanship. You would need to send the knife back to their New York location for this warranty. The Ontario Rat-3 definitely deserves a spot in your bushcraft gear.

What kind of sheath does Ontario rat 3 have?

Kydex Sheath – The Ontario Rat 3 comes with a black reversible Kydex sheath. Simply remove the screws and put them on the other side to be able to carry this knife on your left hand side. The knife comes with a clip for your belt and a Tek-Lok. For those of you that might not be familiar with a Tek-Lock, it works on a swinging hinge principle.

Which is better the rat 3 or The Guardian 3?

The Guardian 3 beat out the Rat III in pretty much every category: handle ergos, carving, feathersticking, and even chopping were all easier with the Bradford knife. If you’re just going by price, you should expect the Guardian to do better, but if you’re going by size and shape, it really seems like the Rat III should have put up a better fight.

Is the rat 3 the same as the ESEE 3?

Anyone who’s ever drooled over an ESEE knife only to have their heart broken by the three-digit price tag might appreciate the Rat III for what it is: the cheaper, identical cousin of the ESEE 3 design. From afar they appear to be the same, aside from maybe an inch size difference and the lifetime warranty offered by Esee.