Which country in Africa has the highest malaria rate?

Which country in Africa has the highest malaria rate?

Africa is the region most affected by malaria in the world. Around 170.9 million cases of the disease were reported in the continent in 2019. From a country perspective, Nigeria registered the highest number of cases, around 23.4 million, followed by the Democratic Republic of the Congo, with 20.5 million cases.

What type of malaria is in Africa?

Plasmodium falciparum is the type of malaria that most often causes severe and life-threatening malaria; this parasite is very common in many countries in Africa south of the Sahara desert. People who are heavily exposed to the bites of mosquitoes infected with P. falciparum are most at risk of dying from malaria.

Where is malaria the worst in Africa?

Most malaria cases and deaths occur in sub-Saharan Africa. However, the WHO regions of South-East Asia, Eastern Mediterranean, Western Pacific, and the Americas are also at risk.

What are the prevention and control of malaria?

Protection against mosquito bites include the use of mosquito bed nets (preferably insecticide-treated nets), the wearing of clothes that cover most of the body, and use of insect repellent on exposed skin. Type and concentration of repellents depend on age and status.

Which country has the highest risk of malaria?

Nearly 85% of global malaria deaths in 2018 were concentrated in 20 countries in the WHO African Region and India; Nigeria accounted for almost 24% of all global malaria deaths, followed by the Democratic Republic of the Congo (11%), the United Republic of Tanzania (5%), and Angola, Mozambique and Niger (4% each).

Is malaria common in Africa?

Malaria occurs mostly in poor, tropical and subtropical areas of the world. Africa is the most affected due to a combination of factors: A very efficient mosquito (Anopheles gambiae complex) is responsible for high transmission.

What country has the highest malaria?

Burkina Faso

1 Burkina Faso 90.74
2 Sierra Leone 72.49
3 Mali 61.16
4 DR Congo 58.45
5 Central Africa 55.04

Which countries in Africa do not have malaria?

Certification of malaria elimination, 1955–2021

Country/territory Countries certified malaria-free a, b, c, d, e Countries where malaria never existed or disappeared without specific measures f
Algeria 2019
Lesotho 2012
Mauritius 1973