Which is better Volvo XC60 or BMW X3?

Which is better Volvo XC60 or BMW X3?

In this comparison, the Volvo XC60 takes the win by a small margin, beating the BMW X3 in four of seven categories. It has more cabin space, more sophisticated powertrains (mostly thanks to its PHEV option), more standard safety equipment, and a longer list of tech and convenience features in base trim.

What is more reliable Audi Q5 or BMW X3?

Neither the Audi Q5 nor the BMW X3 ranks among the top three compact premium SUVs in the J.D. Power 2021 Vehicle Dependability Study or the 2020 Initial Quality Study. At the brand level, BMW outperforms Audi in both studies.

Is Audi Q5 bigger than BMW X3?

With the rear seats up, the Q5 can fit up to 25.1 cubic feet of cargo and an impressive 53.1 cubic feet with the seats folded. On the other hand, the BMW X3 is longer but narrower than the Audi Q5. These dimensions significantly hurt the interior space. The BMW is 185.9-inches long and 74.4-inches wide.

Is Volvo XC60 safer than BMW X3?

BMW X3 are the closest cousins, but the Volvo XC60 gives you more room, more standard safety, higher standard luxury, and better crash ratings than the BMW X3.

Which is better BMW X5 or Volvo XC60?

With somewhat higher torque, the BMW X5 transmits power to its wheels a bit more effectively than the Volvo XC60 Recharge Plug-In Hybrid. The BMW X5 offers greater seating capacity than the Volvo XC60 Recharge Plug-In Hybrid, making it a better choice for those who find themselves chauffeuring others around.

What is the difference between Audi Q5 and BMW X3?

CarWale brings you comparison of BMW X3 and Audi Q5. The BMW X3 price is ₹ 57.89 Lakh and Audi Q5 price is ₹ 50.27 Lakh….X3 vs Q5 Comparison Overview.

Key Highlights X3 Q5
Engine Capacity 1998 cc 1968 cc
Power 248 bhp 188 bhp
Transmission Automatic (Torque Converter) Automatic
Fuel Type Petrol Diesel

Is 5 series better than X3?

With the 5 Series being lighter, it is slightly quicker off the line, boasts a higher top speed, and is claimed to have better fuel efficiency. Even the more powerful 530d variant boasts a higher fuel economy compared to the X3….

BMW X3 BMW 5 Series
Wheelbase 2864mm 2975mm (+111mm)

Is the BMW X5 bigger than the Audi Q5?

The 2018 BMW X5 is bigger and longer, giving it a more bulky footprint than the 2018 Audi Q5, which could mater here in Warrington and anywhere where traffic is plenty but parking spaces are not.

Are Volvos safer than Audis?

Only one luxury brand has what it takes to provide unmatched safety features. From the 360-degree surround view camera to the semi-autonomous drive system Pilot Assist, Volvo surpasses Audi when it comes to safety. Additional Volvo safety features include: Lane keeping aid.

Which is more expensive to maintain Audi or Volvo?

While the Volvo brand is listed higher in cost on a list created by Your Mechanic Inc., Volvos are more affordable to maintain than other luxury brands. Over a ten-year period of ownership, Volvo models cost an average of $100 more to maintain than Audi models.

Which is best BMW or Volvo?

Both cars produce 190PS of power and 400Nm of torque from engines paired with an 8-speed AT

Volvo XC40 BMW X1
City 13.56kmpl 12.02kmpl
Highway 20.03kmpl 20.37kmpl