Which is the best Dirty Martini in london?

Which is the best Dirty Martini in london?

The 11 Best Places for Dirty Martinis in London

  • Connaught Bar. 16 Carlos Pl, London, Greater London.
  • The Groucho Club. 45 Dean St, Soho, Greater London.
  • 69 Colebrooke Row. 69 Colebrooke Row, London, Greater London.
  • h Club. 24 Endell St, Covent Garden, Greater London.
  • Rules.
  • Christopher’s.
  • Egerton House Hotel.
  • London Cocktail Club.

What do you wear to a dirty martini?


  • Smart Casual – Dress to Impress.
  • No sports trainers, sportswear or manual work wear. Smart, clean trainers are allowed.
  • No hoodies or hats.
  • No fancy dress.
  • Smart summer wear is allowed provided it matches the conditions at time of entry.
  • Manager discretion applies at all times.

How do you order a dirty martini?

Dirty/extra dirty: a martini made with olive juice or brine and garnished with an olive. Bone-dry: a martini made with extremely little or no vermouth. Kangaroo: another name for a vodka martini. Vesper: James Bond’s order in Casino Royale: 3 parts gin, 1 part vodka, half a part of Lillet Blanc and a lemon peel.

What’s the difference between a martini and a dirty martini?

A wet martini contains more vermouth; a 50-50 martini uses equal amounts of gin and vermouth. A dirty martini contains a splash of olive brine or olive juice and is typically garnished with an olive. A perfect martini uses equal amounts of sweet and dry vermouth.

Do you need ID for dirty martini?

The only 2 forms of ID we accept to prove your age: a photo driving licence. a photo passport.

What time is happy hour in dirty martini?

4pm – 8pm
Monument Happy Hour times

Mon 4pm – 8pm
Thu 2pm – 8pm
Fri 2pm – 8pm
Sat 12pm – 6pm
Sun All day

What 3 questions do you ask when someone orders a martini?

What are the 3 questions that should ALWAYS be asked when someone orders any kind of martini? 1. Would you like vodka or gin? (then top/call brands) 2. Will that be straight up or on the rocks?

How do you order a martini like a boss?

How to order a martini like a boss | Drizly

  1. Step 1: Choose your liquor. For the love of all that is holy, know if you want a gin or vodka martini.
  2. Step 2: Customize to taste. This is where things can get tricky.
  3. Step 3: Delivery. Up.
  4. Step 4: Respect the martini. Never drink four martinis.

What is area exclusive at dirty martini?

We offer exclusive venue hire for up to 250 guests and Martini Lounge exclusive hire for up to 80 guests with private bar and toilets or lounge around in our beautiful spacious booths whilst sipping on our famous Martinis. We offer an extensive Party & Event Menus including cocktails, canapes and bowl food.

How long is dirty martini brunch?

90 minutes
BRUNCH: How does it work? A choice of Bottomless Pink & Blood Orange Gs, Martinis & Prosecco will be served for 90 minutes, after which we will need your table back. We will serve 1 drink at a time.