Which people celebrate the Argungu Fishing Festival?

Which people celebrate the Argungu Fishing Festival?

Argungu fishing festival is a way of life for the people of Kebbi State. The festival preserves tradition and promotes conservation. The annual festival takes place in February and marks the end of farming season and start of the fishing season.

How is Argungu celebrated?

Bare-hand fishing competition among thousands of fishermen, equipped with a hand net and large gourd, is the main event of the cultural extravaganza at Argungu in Kebbi State in northwestern Nigeria. The competitors splash into the stream, scouring the water for huge freshwater fish.

What state is fishing regarded?

Kebbi State
It is usually called a Fishing-Frenzy Festival. The festival is celebrated to mark the beginning of fishing season in Argungu, a river-side town in Kebbi State. It is celebrated between February and March every year.

Which is the main festival of fishermen?

The festival of Narli Purnima or Shravana Purnima took place recently and it was celebrated with fervor in the city. Says a spokesperson, “This festival is of immense importance to the fisher folk.

Which state is Argungu in Nigeria?

Kebbi state
Argungu, town and traditional emirate, Kebbi state, northwestern Nigeria. The town is on the Sokoto (Kebbi) River and lies at the intersection of roads from Birnin Kebbi, Gwandu, Sokoto town, Augi, and Kaingiwa.

What is Oro in Yoruba culture?

The Oro Festival is a festival celebrated in South-West Nigeria by the Yorubas. It is an annual traditional festival that is of patriarchal nature, as it is only celebrated by male descendants who are paternal natives to the specific locations where the particular event is taking place.

How is the new yam festival celebrated?

The festival is done at the community level first. In turn, individuals in their own way and capacity celebrate with members of families and friends, thereby kicking off the eating of new yam in these families that participated in the community ceremony, whether they have money to celebrate with the others or not.

What is an Hausa traditional festival?

Most members of Hausa group are Muslims. They celebrate two major religious festivals called Eid Al Kabir and Eid Al Fitri as well as Durbar festival that is the culmination of the main two Muslim celebrations. Durbar festivals are celebrated in Hausaland (Kano, Zaria, Katsina etc.) at Ramadan’s end.

Which ethnic group in Nigeria is noted for fishing?

The major ethnic groups identified at the fishing communities include Hausa, Jukun, and Bwatiye.

What celebration involves a fish?

A satirical funeral procession is held for a fish, either real or an effigy, and the funeral is supposed to symbolize the death of self-indulgence as well as the burying of one’s past in order to have a better future.

Where does the new yam festival take place?

Explore the rich cultural celebration of a new food season in Ogidi Ijumu town in Kogi state, Nigeria. The New Yam Festival, in the Ogidi community, is an important way of marking the beginning and end of the farming season. It is a celebration of life, accomplishments in the community, culture and well-being.

Why is Argungu Fishing Festival important to Nigeria?

The festival serves as a platform where farmers in the state can learn about new farming techniques, large scale farming and the use of improved seeds to increase harvest. The Argungu Fishing Festival is one of the biggest festivals in Nigeria. Every year hundreds of thousands of people flock to the festival to enjoy the spectacle.

Where is Argungu Fishing Festival in Kebbi State?

The festival was first staged in 1934 in Argungu and ever since then it has become an important event in the calendar of Kebbi state government. The festival home is Argungu, the capital city of the Argungu emirate council. The area surrounding the festival site in Argungu contains three rivers namely Matanfada, Mala and Gamji.

Who was the first head of state to visit Argungu?

Argungu Festival has gone from a local festival to one attended by dignitaries from Nigeria and other parts of the world. The first head of states to visit the festival was Gen. Yakubu Gowon in 1970 together with Alh.

When did Argungu become an emirate of Nigeria?

Argungu became prominent during the 18 th century. When the Fulani invaded Kebbi in 1808, some of its rulers had to flee the state to Argungu to found a new emirate. The city was also conquered by Gwandu in 1831 but it was not able to completely control the city hence it remained a de facto independent state.