Which rice is given in ration card?

Which rice is given in ration card?

Distribution of Rice, Wheat and Wheat Flour (Aatta) APL Ration Card: 10kg Rice for Rs. 8.90/kg and 2kg Wheat for Rs. 6.70/kg. APL Subsidy Ration Card: 10kg Rice for Rs.

What is ration rice in India?

Under the PDS scheme, each family below the poverty line is eligible for 35 kg of rice or wheat every month, while a household above the poverty line is entitled to 15 kg of foodgrain on a monthly basis. The average level of consumption of PDS seeds in India is only 1 kg per person per month.

What is white ration card in Kerala?

Kerala Ration Card Types

Ration Card Colour Beneficiaries
Yellow Card Most economically backward section of society. Antyodaya Anna Yojana Beneficiaries
Pink Card Priority or Below Poverty Line (BPL)
Blue Card Non – Priority subsidy or Above Poverty Line (APL)
White Card Non – Priority

Is ration rice good for health?

In fact, all various of rice are a great source of minerals such as calcium and iron; it is also rich in vitamins, such as niacin, vitamin D, thiamine, fiber and riboflavin. Rice is easy to digest and is has less saturated fats and has good cholesterol as compared to other foods. Hence, it is good for heart health.

How many types of rice cards are there?

Rice and Carbohydrates

Grains Glycemic Index (GI) Carbs Per 1 Cup (180 grams)
Black rice 42 to 45 34 grams
Brown rice 50 to 55 52 grams
Red Rice Around 55 45 grams
White rice 73 53 grams

What is PHH and NPHH?

The new NFSA system categorizes households mainly into two: Priority Household (PHH) and Non-priority Household (NPHH). Those who are ineligible be listed in the Non-priority house holds and their ration cards are known as Non-priority Household Ration card.

What kind of rice is ration rice?

The local parboiled rice remains good throughout the day after cooking in the morning, while the parboiled rice provided at the ration shops — which was being supplied from Andhra Pradesh — stays fresh only till noon.

Is ration rice is good for weight loss?

Brown rice, red rice, unpolished rice and hand pounded rice have more fibre because they are not polished or processed and the outer layer is still there. These four varieties are more filling. From weight loss perspective, it is better to have the more filling variety and keep an eye on the portion size.

What is meant by white ration card?

White Ration Card: You can apply for a white ration card if you are above the poverty line. The white color indicates that you are a citizen of India who is above the poverty line. This ration card helps them in purchasing food items at subsidised rates.

Is ration rice good for weight loss?