Who bought Philips Lifeline?

Who bought Philips Lifeline?

Connect America
Connect America is purchasing Royal Philips’ Aging and Caregiving (ACG) line of business, including one of the top basic personal emergency response system (PERS) device providers, Lifeline. The acquisition is expected to close in a few weeks.

Does Philips Lifeline have GPS?

Philips Lifeline’s GPS-enabled unit is the GoSafe 2. Comparing this unit with the cellular in-home system, you’ll pay about $10 less per month, get fall detection, and the ability to take the device out of the home if you choose the Philips Lifeline GoSafe 2 plan.

Who is the CEO of Connect America?

Janet Dillione
Janet Dillione is Connect America’s CEO, with experience building innovative strategies and strong teams that transform businesses for sustained growth and profitability.

Can lifeline work without a landline?

Seniors lacking a landline can now benefit from Philips’ leading Lifeline Medical Alert Service with the HomeSafe Wireless System. “We are excited to now offer a solution that does not require a landline, providing even more seniors and their families the comfort of knowing that help will be there if they need it.”

Do you need a landline for Life Alert?

Life Alert offers a cellular option in case your home is without traditional landline phone service. The monthly cost for this system may be slightly higher than the traditional landline medical alert device. Smartphone App – If you have a smartphone, you can install this app to connect you with their call center.

Do you need a landline for Philips Lifeline?

Your communicator connects to Lifeline using a wireless network, so no phone line or additional wireless equipment is required.

Is Connect America legit?

Connect America is BBB accredited and they have a A+ rating. At the time of this review they have an average of 181 customer complaints on file.