Who did Jessica Wakefield marry?

Who did Jessica Wakefield marry?

Todd Wilkins

Jessica Wakefield
Spouse Todd Wilkins (Husband) Mike McAllery (Ex-husband) Regan Wollman (Ex-husband)
Series Sweet Valley High Sweet Valley Twins Sweet Valley University Sweet Valley Senior Year Sweet Valley Junior High Sweet Valley Kids The Unicorn Club Elizabeth Sweet Valley Confidential
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How many books are there in Sweet Valley High series?

six books
It continues from the plot that occurred at the end of Sweet Valley University; Elizabeth flees to London, intending to continue her schooling. The series has six books.

Is there a Sweet Valley High movie?

The long-gestating Sweet Valley High movie has moved on to its third writer. Sweet Valley High follows the lives and loves of identical twins Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield and their friends, who live in the fictional Southern California town of Sweet Valley.

Who dies in Sweet Valley High books?

The death of Regina Morrow in Sweet Valley High #40 On the Edge influenced my life more than any other fictional event in the history of my entire reading career thus far. Twenty-five years after reading about her death, Regina is still the first person I think of when I hear about someone dying from a drug overdose.

Who did Jessica Wakefield end up with?

Todd marries Jessica, three years later, in The Sweet Life, they have a two-year-old son, Jake.

What happens at the end of Sweet Valley University?

The epilogue takes place at Jessica and Todd’s wedding, which many of the characters attend. Bruce Patman professes his love for Elizabeth, and the two of them presumably live happily ever after. After a while, Cara finally forgives Jessica and Steven for their duplicity.

How many seasons of Sweet Valley High are there?

Sweet Valley High/Number of seasons

What age are Sweet Valley High books for?

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How did Sweet Valley High end?

The epilogue takes place at Jessica and Todd’s wedding, which many of the characters attend. Bruce Patman professes his love for Elizabeth, and the two of them presumably live happily ever after.

Who does Elizabeth end up with in Sweet Valley High?

Eventually, Elizabeth and Todd do get together. Although they break up repeatedly. Elizabeth and Todd repeatedly cheat on one another throughout their tenure together. Todd has a recurring affair with Jessica herself.

What happened at the end of Sweet Valley High?

What age is Sweet Valley High for?

Parents need to know that this revamped series from the ’80s says it’s for teens, but, just like in the ’80s, the simplicity and candy-coated quality of the stories will mainly interest tweens, especially those who like High School Musical.

What are the books in the Sweet Valley High series?

The Sweet Valley High book series by multiple authors includes books Double Love, Secrets, Playing With Fire, and several more. See the complete Sweet Valley High series book list in order, box sets or omnibus editions, and companion titles. Kidnapped! Crash Landing! (Sweet Valley High, #20)

What happens to Todd and Elizabeth in Sweet Valley High?

On Todd’s return to Sweet Valley, he and Elizabeth reunite. They repeatedly break up and reunite. But Todd eventually ends up with Jessica. Elizabeth only finds out after she finds them having an affair during her and Todd’s engagement. Todd and Jessica eventually wind up getting married and have a son, Jake.

Who is the principal of Sweet Valley High?

Mr. Cooper, Sweet Valley’s somewhat stuffy Principal, nicknamed Chrome Dome because of his bald head. Bob Russo, The sternest teacher at SVH, he teaches chemistry. Bruce Patman is a rich, handsome snob.

Who is Todd Wilkins in Sweet Valley High?

Todd Wilkins, Elizabeth’s on/off boyfriend, is tall, popular, handsome, a captain of the basketball team and a fraternity member. He has dark-brown hair and eyes. Todd is initially romantically pursued by both Elizabeth and Jessica, but he and Elizabeth date.