Who did Jimi Hendrix tour with?

Who did Jimi Hendrix tour with?

The 16-date UK package tour kicked off on 14 November 1967. Thirty-one shows in 16 cities, the tour featured The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Pink Floyd, The Move, Nice, and Amen Corner who all played two shows a night, and at each gig, the headlining Hendrix was allotted exactly 40 minutes.

Which state hosted Jimi Hendrix’s final US concert in 1970?

The Cry of Love Tour was a 1970 concert tour by American rock guitarist and singer Jimi Hendrix. It began on April 25, 1970, at the Forum in Inglewood, California, and ended on September 6, 1970, at the Love & Peace Festival in Fehmarn, Germany.

When was Jimi Hendrix first concert?

February 20 1959
Jimi Hendrix’s first gig was with an unnamed band in the basement of a synagogue, Seattle’s Temple De Hirsch, on February 20 1959, but “after too much showing off”, the band fired him between sets. This was a few years before Hendrix completely transformed the idea of what a rock performance should be.

What did Jimi Hendrix do in 1969?

On Aug. 18, 1969, legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix stepped onto the stage at the Woodstock, N.Y., Music Festival and embarked upon an uninterrupted set lasting nearly two hours–one of the longest performances of his career.

Who did Jimi Hendrix opened for?

The Monkees
On July 17, 1967, one of the oddest musical pairings in history comes to an end when Jimi Hendrix dropped out as the opening act for teenybopper sensations The Monkees.

Who did Jimi Hendrix open up for?

the Monkees
And one of the first mainstream rock acts to recognize Hendrix’s greatness was the Monkees. Unfortunately, the Monkees’ young fans weren’t quite as enthusiastic when that TV band’s Micky Dolenz came up with the seemingly bizarre idea to hire Hendrix as the opening act for the Monkees’ first U.S. tour in 1967.

When did Jimi Hendrix play in Atlanta?

The association most people have between Jimi Hendrix and massive festivals is Woodstock. But on July 3-5, 1970, about 100 miles south of Atlanta in Byron, Hendrix played to the largest American audience of his career, an estimated 300,000-400,000, at the second Atlanta International Pop Festival.

Did Jimi Hendrix play in Chicago?

Jimi Hendrix: Live in Chicago – 12/1/1968 – The Official Jimi Hendrix Site.

How many concerts did Jimi Hendrix perform?

Jimi Hendrix has 290 concerts.

At what concert did the Jimi Hendrix Experience make its US debut in 1967?

As part of 40th Anniversary celebrations marking The Jimi Hendrix Experience’s US debut at the Monterey International Pop Festival in 1967, original Hendrix bandmates Mitch Mitchell and Billy Cox re-united for a special one-night only event on October 25, 2007 at the Hippodrome in London, England.