Who did Ne-Yo date?

Who did Ne-Yo date?

Ne-Yo and wife Crystal Smith are expecting their third child together after rekindling their relationship. On Sunday, the 41-year-old singer posted a video to Instagram as he cradled his wife’s growing baby bump.

Who is Neos wife?

Ne-Yo’s wife Crystal Smith learned her husband was divorcing her after reading about it in the tabloids. The couple are now back together after announcing their separation in February, but in a joint interview with Tamron Hall Show, Crystal reflected on the moment she learned about the divorce through the news.

Are Ne-Yo and crystal together?

After celebrating 6 years of marriage, Ne-Yo and Crystal Smith welcome their third child together. See the beautiful pic of the family. She got her own thing, that’s why he loves her. Because Ne-Yo and wife Crystal Smith’s Miss Independent made her early debut June 25.

Why did Ne-Yo and crystal separate?

Ne-Yo told Private Talk podcast that the decision to split was due to the two needing to work on their individual issues separately. “She’s got demons just like everybody else, just like me,” he said.

Is Ne-Yo still married to Crystal Renay?

Ne-Yo said that the two had gone their separate ways after four years of marriage because their “demons don’t mesh.” But the couple were apparently able to work through their differences while on lockdown. “The whole quarantine thing was kind of a blessing,” Ne-Yo said in June 2020.

Who is Ne-Yo Baby Momma?

NE-YO and Crystal Renay have a baby on the way! On Sunday, the Grammy Award-winning artist, 41, announced that he and his wife are expecting another child.

Is Neo still married to Crystal?

Ne-Yo married Crystal in 2016, and shares sons Shaffer Chimere Smith, Jr., four, and Roman Alexander-Raj Smith, two, with her. He also has two daughters from his previous relationship with girlfriend Monyetta Shaw.

Does Neo have a daughter?

Along with the sons he shares with Crystal, SJ and Roman, Ne-Yo also shares two children — son Mason and daughter Madilyn — with his ex Monyetta Shaw.

Who is Ne-Yo’s first wife?

Crystal Renay Williams
Shaffer Chimere Smith (born October 18, 1979), better known by his stage name Ne-Yo, is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, actor, dancer, and television judge….

Years active 1998–present
Spouse(s) Crystal Renay Williams ​ ​ ( m. 2016)​
Partner(s) Monyetta Shaw (2009–2013)
Children 5

What happened to Ne-Yo and Monyetta?

A tweet went viral about Ne-Yo allegedly “forcing” his ex-fiancé, Monyetta Shaw, to get her tubes tied, so they wouldn’t have any more children. The “Because Of You” singer and Monyetta have a two kids. After their relationship ended, Ne-Yo moved on with Crystal and they currently have two children.

Is Ne-Yo and his wife together?

Ne-yo and his wife Crystal are back together. They have been frank about what’s happening in their relationship. They were close to getting a divorce when lockdown hit, and it saved them. “The whole quarantine thing was kind of a blessing,” Ne-Yo, real name Shaffer Chimere Smith, said at the time.

Is Ne-Yo still with his wife?

Ne-Yo, born Shaffer Chimere Smith, also has Mason Evan, 9, and Madilyn Grace, 10, from a previous relationship. The baby news comes months after the “Masked Singer” star admitted his marriage had been saved by the coronavirus lockdown, having announced their separation in February last year.